1920s Style Wedding Dresses | 1930s Inspired Wedding Gowns | Deco Weddings

1920s Style Wedding Dresses | 1930s Inspired Wedding Gowns

Up today we thought we’d show you a few 1920s style wedding dresses we’ve stumbled upon over the last few months (actually some roaring ’20s and 1930s inspired dresses).

1920s Style Wedding Dresses | 1930s Inspired Wedding Gowns

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First up we’ve got a couple of 1930s inspired wedding gowns, like this dreamy dress from Deco Weddings fave BHLDN:

Ivory BHLDN Breathless Gown

The Breathless Gown, from BHLDN.

This is the “Breathless” dress, and it’s actually being promoted as a bridesmaid’s gown, it comes in a variety of hues, and it would be fabulous for that but we think it also works perfectly as an elegant (and budget-friendly!) vintage style gown on its own!

BHLDN Breathless Gown in Ivory

BHLDN Breathless Gown in Ivory

We were also delighted to see more dresses added to the Jenny Packham Wonder collection at David’s Bridal. Gown after gown, priced more affordably than Jenny’s Packham’s main collections, but still with that elegant vintage touch she brings to all her designs. Take a look at these stunners:

And here’s a couple more gowns from another designer with a budget-conscious line and a talent for modern designs inspired by 1920s style wedding dresses: Zac Posen’s Truly collection:

Zac Posen Art Deco Wedding Gown

Geometric corseted art deco wedding gown by Zac Posen Truly.

1930s Wedding Gown Zac Posen

Satin 1930s inspired wedding gown by Zac Posen Truly.


And how about this elegant beauty from designer Catherine Deane, the Laverne gown:

Catherine Dean Laverne Gown

Elegant Catherine Deane gown, the Laverne.

Catherine Deane Laverne Back

Beautiful Catherine Deane gown, theLaverne.


Love it! Finally, this art deco wedding dress from Modcloth is a true deco delight!

Modcloth Graceful Grandeur

Beautiful 1930s inspired wedding gown, Graceful Grandeur by Modcloth.




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