1920s Style DIY Wedding || Jennifer + Craig | Deco Weddings

1920s Style DIY Wedding || Jennifer + Craig

This lovely 1920s style DIY wedding from Lindsie Grey Weddings  is fabulous inspiration for brides and grooms who want to bring their own sense of vintage style to the big day, without necessarily having a purely vintage venue or surroundings. Each careful art deco and speakeasy-inspired touch really makes this beautiful wedding shine!

1920s Style DIY Wedding

From the bride:

We wanted our guests, many who were traveling from out of state, from Canada, and other parts of the world, to enjoy themselves and not worry about a thing and have a blast. What better way than sharing our love for craft cocktails, whisky, speakeasies and jazz?

We really found ways to integrate the 1920’s style into a modern hotel, blending two eras that we love through the decor, craft cocktails, flowers, and our outfits. I made most of the decor myself, Pinterest and Michael’s are really great, and tried to capture the spirit of the speakeasy.

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