Art Deco inspiration from Hollywood. Gorgeous gowns, dramatic designs: inspiration from the 20s and 30s, perfect for browsing the beauty of an era or helping inspire a vintage themed wedding or event.

Today’s Art Deco Hollywood Inspiration: a woman whose haircut inspired ladies everywhere to follow suit (the proto-“Rachel”?), a woman whose talent absolutely radiates off the screen, a silent film star, a stunning beauty and by all accounts one seriously fascinating lady: Louise Brooks. She has an incredible face that can look at times cute as …

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Inspiration || Metropolis

1920s Green Metropolis Poster

Sometimes I forget how influential the art around Fritz Lang’s 1927 film Metropolis was (and is). So much incredible, inspirational art deco/modernist art sprang up around it. The fonts! The design! The posters!   (Click on the image to see any print at To be fair, that futurist look might be a little dark …

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