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1920s Feathers: Posts tagged “feathers” on Art Deco Weddings. Any and all design elements relating to that great accessory of the 20s (and beyond!): flapper feathers, feather fascinators, vintage feathers galore all to help plan a 1920s themed event.

New York Art Deco Wedding

Check out this stunning New York art deco wedding, submitted by Chris Leary Photography. Love the choice to use all black and white... With these great deco details and a gorgeous bride and groom, this one's a winner! Click any of the images below to see the full slideshow. Photographer:  Weddings by Chris Leary Photography [...]

1920s Outdoor Wedding

This beautiful wedding, from Chowen Photography, mixes some of my favorite elements together into a wonderfully unique celebration: a gorgeous outdoor 1920s style wedding. You get the silky, glimmering deco gown and accessories, but you also get backdrops like this one: Wow? Wow. Simply lovely. Click any of the thumbnails below to see the larger [...]

Flapper Bride Feathers

I'm a fan of everything about this gorgeous art deco wedding inspiration shoot from Housley Photography. Lovely details through and through, especially the absolutely incredible hair and makeup on that perfect model! I've always been a fan of the dark-eyed flapper look on your wedding day, and this shoot features the perfect images to swoon [...]


Today we've got a fantastic 1920s wedding inspiration shoot by dani. fine photography, and boy oh boy is it a treat from tip to toe.... So many amazing details: flowers, gowns, paper and decor... it's all gorgeous. Even a few flapper boudoir shots! Love it! Just sit back, click to enlarge, and enjoy all the [...]

Green Deco Fascinator

Hey y'all, time for another of our sponsor roundup posts, where we share some of our favorite pieces from the lovely businesses who sponsor and support the site. Today's theme? Beautiful 1920s bridal hair! Deco fascinators, 1920s hair accessories, feathers, pearls, gorgeous crystal clips and all that jazz. First up, the incredible, perfect deco bridal [...]


Love this simple, elegant art deco wedding, sent to us from  Joseph Delgado Photography. With deco DIY touches in the decor, a fabulous vintage ride and a great idea for table names (dances! Charleston table, Jitterbug table, etc) this is a beautiful vintage inspired celebration. Click to enlarge the thumbnails!

Today, this sweet and lovely inspiration shoot comes to us from Patrick Hadley Photography. The locations are two different old mansions in Michigan (The Webster House and Keswick Manor.) and the model (Tanya) wore her own wedding dress for the shoot. Take a look! (and click to enlarge the thumbnails.) I'm trying to track down [...]

30s Bride + Groom

Up today we've got this absolutely lovely 1920s / 1930s style wedding from Moira West.  These two (Magdaleen and Kris) are not only an almost infuriatingly beautiful couple, as you can see above they also just look like they're having such a blast, which is just as it should be on your wedding day! Add [...]

1920s Dress Lace Back

Well here is a perfect old Hollywood inspired wedding to end the week, sent to us from photographers davina + daniel, and positively overflowing with fabulous deco details. From the bride... Growing up, I don’t recall ever dreaming about my wedding. Instead, I dreamt of living in the fantasy world of the 1930-1940 RKO Musicals [...]

Boardwalk Empire || 1920s Showgirls

Hello all! Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far. I'm very excited about tonight's return of one of the most stylish shows on television, Boardwalk Empire. This is a show that started out looking pretty, but being not-so-great (in my most humble of opinions), but by the end of last season it was [...]