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1920s Feathers: Posts tagged “feathers” on Art Deco Weddings. Any and all design elements relating to that great accessory of the 20s (and beyond!): flapper feathers, feather fascinators, vintage feathers galore all to help plan a 1920s themed event.

Flapper Fashion || Deco Decadence

We are big, big fans of Unique Vintage here at Deco Weddings: looking for flapper fashion? They’ve got it in spades….

Flapper Fashion

That’s an image from their new “Deco Decadence” (two of our favorite words!) flapper fashion look book. Did I mention we love them? We do. They’re stellar site sponsors, yes, but they’re also my (personal) go-to shop for high-quality repro vintage dresses, and have been for years, long before I started this site. I found them initially looking for 50s style circle-skirt type dresses and I’m beyond delighted that they’ve slowly expanded their 20s inspired section over the years. Take a look at these fabulous flapper looks and click on through for more images/details.

New York Art Deco Wedding || Marlo + Ted

Check out this stunning New York art deco wedding, submitted by Chris Leary Photography. Love the choice to use all black and white…

With these great deco details and a gorgeous bride and groom, this one’s a winner! Click any of the images below to see the full slideshow.

Photographer:  Weddings by Chris Leary Photography // Cake Designer: City Sweets // Reception Venue: Manhattan Penthouse //

Outdoor 1920s Wedding || Sarah + Lee

This beautiful wedding, from Chowen Photography, mixes some of my favorite elements together into a wonderfully unique celebration: a gorgeous outdoor 1920s style wedding. You get the silky, glimmering deco gown and accessories, but you also get backdrops like this one: Wow? Wow. Simply lovely. Click any of the thumbnails below to see the larger images of this beautiful outdoor 1920s wedding!

Photographer: Chowen Photography // Dress Designer: Jenny Packham Bridal // Dress Store: Little White Dress Bridal Shop // Veils and headpieces: Love Veils & Accessories // Feather Fans: Serendipity Bridal // Reception Venue: Maroon Bells//

Deco Wedding Inspiration

I’m a fan of everything about this gorgeous art deco wedding inspiration shoot from Housley Photography. Lovely details through and through, especially the absolutely incredible hair and makeup on that perfect model!

I’ve always been a fan of the dark-eyed flapper look on your wedding day, and this shoot features the perfect images to swoon over and inspire. Take a look!

Photographer:  Housley Photography
Hair Stylist: Laurie Brandon
Dress Store: Le Fleur Bridal Boutique
Makeup Artist: Made Ya’ Blush
Event Planner: Sugar Rock Events
Heirlooms and extras: Vintage on Macon
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

1920s Wedding Inspiration

Today we’ve got a fantastic 1920s wedding inspiration shoot by dani. fine photography, and boy oh boy is it a treat from tip to toe….

So many amazing details: flowers, gowns, paper and decor… it’s all gorgeous. Even a few flapper boudoir shots! Love it! Just sit back, click to enlarge, and enjoy all the incredible details….

Oh, and lastly, there’s also a fab 1920s inspired video of the shoot from Summerwind Wedding Films – what fun! Love the vintage filter/feel (and the behind the scenes look!)

And finally, all the credit for this incredible work below.

Photographer:  dani. fine photography
Invitation Designer: Hartford Prints!
Location: The Society Room of Hartford
Personal Stylist: Beth Chapman
Cake Designer: A Little Imagination Cakes
Other: Beneath the Gown
Veils and headpieces: Bijou Van Ness
Model: Brandon Dutch of John Casablancas
Fashion Designer: Carolina Amato
Linens and Coverings: CLOTHCONNECTION
Floral Designer: Datura: a Modern Garden
Bridesmaid Dresses: Donna Morgan
Paper Props: Essentials
Heirlooms and extras: General Ecletic
Dress Designer: Ivy and Aster
Lighting: Audio Media Solutions
Jewelry: Maria Elena Headpieces
Dress Designer: Rivini
Cinema and Video: Summerwind Wedding Films
Jewelry: The Something Old Collection
Dress Store: The White Dress by the shore
Dress Store: Tova’s Vintage Shop
Tuxedo and Men’s Attire: Valentino Tailors
Model: Jake Bodmer of John Casablancas
Model: Kelsey Sidell of Maggie Inc
Makeup Artist: Larissa Lake Makeup Artist
Model: Lexa Gluck
Model:Anastasia Mikhaleva of John Casablancas

1920s Bridal Hair || Sponsor Roundup

Hey y’all, time for another of our sponsor roundup posts, where we share some of our favorite pieces from the lovely businesses who sponsor and support the site. Today’s theme? Beautiful 1920s bridal hair! Deco fascinators, 1920s hair accessories, feathers, pearls, gorgeous crystal clips and all that jazz.

First up, the incredible, perfect deco bridal hair combs at Thomas Laine.

Deco Bridal Hair Leaf Comb Deco Comb

Kind of amazing, no? That’s the Ben Amun Bridal Leaf Comb on the left, and the Deco Bridal Comb on the right.

Next up are the beautiful handmade pieces over at Rose Red Bridal Designs. Take a look at these gorgeous art deco feather fascinators in green, purple and blue.

Green Deco FascinatorPeacock Fascinator Deco

You can see the whole collection over at Rose Red Bridal Designs (she also does custom orders!)

Finally, these gorgeous crystal headbands by Halo & Co are absolutely stunning…

Art Deco Wedding Hair

That’s the Halo + Co Inez Deco Headband and the 1920s inspired Violet Bridal Hair Clip. A-maz-ing! Thanks for looking, everyone, and please show our sponsors some love!

As always, you can read more about our advertising/sponsorship policies here. We only feature vendors and artists we genuinely love: businesses, designers and creators who we’d want to showcase even if they weren’t helping support the site…but of course we’re so grateful they are supporting the site, and would love for our readers to send a little love their way in return, even if just by clicking through and browsing. Thanks so much you guys!

Vintage Bridal Inspiration Shoot

Today, this sweet and lovely inspiration shoot comes to us from Patrick Hadley Photography.

Art Deco Bride

The locations are two different old mansions in Michigan (The Webster House and Keswick Manor.) and the model (Tanya) wore her own wedding dress for the shoot. Take a look! (and click to enlarge the thumbnails.)

I’m trying to track down more info on the dress, jewelry, etc and hopefully will post with an update soon!

1930s Style Wedding || Magdaleen + Kris

Up today we’ve got this absolutely lovely 1920s / 1930s style wedding from Moira West.

 These two (Magdaleen and Kris) are not only an almost infuriatingly beautiful couple, as you can see above they also just look like they’re having such a blast, which is just as it should be on your wedding day! Add to it the perfect 20s/30s inspired design elements, from her makeup to dress, and it’s an altogether wonderful looking event.

Photographer: Moira West
Dress: Jenny Leigh
Shoes: Woolworths
Veil & accessories: Vintage
Stationery: Event and Design
Venue & Catering: Riebeek Kasteel Royal Hotel
Coordinator: Event and Design
Flowers: Die Gieter
Hair & Makeup: Erané Groenewald

Old Hollywood Deco Wedding || Dorota + Fred

Well here is a perfect old Hollywood inspired wedding to end the week, sent to us from photographers davina + daniel, and positively overflowing with fabulous deco details.

From the bride…

Growing up, I don’t recall ever dreaming about my wedding. Instead, I dreamt of living in the fantasy world of the 1930-1940 RKO Musicals in the company of the of the dandy Fred Astaire, as Ginger Rogers did in the movie Top Hat or Roberta. I loved the Art Deco sets, the clothing and the way they spoke to eachother. Without knowing it, planning the wedding, I was trying to make this lifelong fantasy come true. To me an Art Deco/Old Hollywood wedding was the perfect theme : it has the Art Deco refined, sharp and daring modern lines while Old Hollywood stood for cinema, glamour, bold colors, class and style.

We couldn’t agree more! Take a look at these gorgeous images (click through for full size.)

Dress Designer:
Event Venue:
Event Planner:

Boardwalk Empire Fashion

Hello all! Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far. I’m very excited about tonight’s return of one of the most stylish shows on television, Boardwalk Empire. This is a show that started out looking pretty, but being not-so-great (in my most humble of opinions), but by the end of last season it was not only gorgeous, it was oh-so-great, so I can’t wait for tonight’s season premiere!

(note, vis a vis premieres: I know our lucky lucky friends in the UK are also getting the premiere of Downton Abbey tonight, like maybe right now, but we are Downton-less over here for another few months so I can’t bring myself to even talk about it, though I’m SURE there will be much to talk about as the show enters the roaring 20s. Gahhhhh so jealous of you all! NO SPOILERS PLEASE.)

So back to what we have here in the States, which is Boardwalk Empire, and to be sure, they are no slouches in the “incredible 20s style costuming and set design” departments. Take a look, and click through for larger images. (all photos courtesy HBO.)

And finally, a fabulous compilation of some of the best shots of the series, and there are lots of ‘em… (probably best to only watch this if you’re caught up with the show, or you plan on never watching it, cause it may be a bit spoiler-y…)

Time to start mixing martinis for tonight’s premiere party!

Something Blue

Just a quick post today, a sort of mish-mash of art deco bits and pieces I’ve found while poking around the net for content for our site. The theme? Blue!

Now, I myself am quite a superstitious sort, so you’d better believe I had my “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” figured out well in advance. But even if you’re not the superstitious kind, there is always something lovely about traditions, no? And that particular wedding tradition is seriously such a perfect way to involve keepsakes/mementos from friends and family in the day itself, and add a bit of color to your bridal look.

And so in my stumblings across the web in search of deco I started keeping a “something blue” file, where I figured I’d throw together some of my favorite art deco blue finds for you 20s-loving brides. So without further ado, a few art deco something blues to inspire! (click the thumbnails to see details.)

Note: this post includes some affiliate links. You can read more about our affiliate/advertising/sponsorship policies here. As always, we exclusively only feature vendors and artists we genuinely love: businesses, designers and creators who we'd want to showcase even if they weren't helping support the site. Thanks so much you guys!

The Great Gatsby || Baz Luhrmann

Well, the trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s long-awaited (or long-dreaded, depending on your tastes…) version of The Great Gatsby is here!

That is… well, it is interesting. Interestingly scored, interestingly cast… there will certainly be lots to look at, style-wise.

Baz Luhrmann Great Gatsby Still

The Great Gatsby is a perennial favorite for vintage-wedding inspiration, and there is certainly a lot of eye candy in the trailer. Any thoughts?

Great Gatsby Poster Baz 2012

(I have lots of thoughts. I will share this one: I sure do like the fonts/graphic design!)

Roaring Twenties Wedding || Jen + Matt

Today’s post features an absolutely stunning, roaring twenties inspired wedding practically overflowing with style. Flapper bridesmaids, feathers, pearls and prettiness all around!

This lovely couple and their perfectly stylish roaring twenties wedding were captured in these gorgeous images by Sarah Rhoads Photography. Take a look!

Gown: Sue Wong
Bridesmaids Dresses: Unique Vintage
Invitations: Dear Emma Etsy Shop
Men’s boutonnieres: Scattered Stardust Etsy Shop
Brides hair piece: Batcakes Etsty Shop
Bridesmaids hair pieces: Baroque & Roll Etsy Shop

Vintage 1920s Wedding Photos

We’re back! Sorry for the delay in posting, it has been a crazy few weeks. But here we are. And tonight we’ve got a lovely set of vintage wedding photos courtesy of Michelle McMurray, founder of Wedding Story Writer. These images are scans of actual wedding photos from the 1920s and 30s, and there are so many fascinating details to be inspired by!

First up, this elegant lady, resplendent in pearls, white opera gloves and a to-die-for jeweled art nouveau / art deco headband.

1920s Wedding Gown

Can’t you just feel how luxe those fabrics are, even through the sepia? Amazing.

Now for some bridal party inspiration… check out these dapper fellows and their dates.

1920s Wedding Party

Gorgeous! All of it. Love the tuxes, the short dresses (even on the bride!), the hair, the cap veil, and those huge 20s style overflowing, draped bouquets (note to self: need to do a “huge 20s bouquet” post soon.) And speaking of fabulous florals…

1920s Bridesmaid

Simply lovely (and perfect hair!). Also lovely? Our next bride, smiling and stunning on her wedding day.

1930s Bride

And finally: this beaded cap-veiled beauty. Check out those metallic flapper t-strap shoes (and the edgy deco backdrop for this photo, dated May 17th, 1930.)

1930s Bride Cap Veil