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1920s Themed Wedding: Inspirational posts relating to the roaring twenties. Vintage 1920s photos, modern style guides, cakes, gowns, invitations and more information to help you plan a 1920s themed wedding.

1920s Art Deco Bride

Today we have this simply gorgeous 1920s inspired art deco wedding in Austin, TX, sent to us from ixi.photography... Fantastic deco touches from tip to toe, casually elegant style and a crazy-beautiful 1920s inspired bride, this one is a fabulous find. Click the images for more details! Cupcakes and wedding cake: Capital City Bakery // [...]

Sapphire Art Deco Rings

Well today we're talking sapphire art deco rings, and honestly I could post pics of these all day. It's been a while since we did a jewelry post, especially a "I will never have that....but I need to have that...but I can never have that... but I NEED THAT NOW" kinda jewelry post, so we're [...]

Art Deco Wedding Kansas City

This lovely inspiration shoot features a styled art deco wedding in Kansas City, Missouri at a fabulous vintage venue, The Philips Hotel.... Submitted by Michelle Marie Photographie, this shoot has it all: amazing deco details, gorgeous gowns, handsome groom's wear, and a truly striking handmade deco headpiece. Click the images below for more detail! Photographer: [...]

1920's Wedding Dresses

In search of more 1920's wedding dresses to feature, we recently stumbled upon a designer we were instantly, madly, deeply in love with.  The designer? Galia Lahav. The photo that took our breath away (and zoomed this post to the top of the queue)?  Take a look: GASP. That's kind of all there is to [...]

Art Deco Invitation

We're always on the lookout for art deco wedding invitation designs that strike our eye or fancy, and this glam set from Love vs. Design is definitely right up our alley: Classic deco style, lovely gold and black details, and even the sample location, Cicada, is an amazing art deco venue we've featured before. This [...]

1920s Style San Francisco Wedding

We didn't even realize it, but we've got back-to-back NorCal weddings this week with today's beautiful 1920s style San Francisco wedding, courtesy of photographer Chrissy Lynn. That dress! That hair! That handsome couple! Add together the great 1920s style details, the gorgeous church and beautiful venue (Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park) [...]

1920s Outdoor Wedding

Up today we have this pretty-as-a-picture 1920s outdoor wedding from Wild About You Photography. This lovely celebration took place at Nestldown in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and there are a million details to love, not least this adorable bride and groom... Yes! Check out this breathtaking outdoor wedding filled with lovely deco and 1920s inspired details [...]

Art Deco Temperley London

It's impossible to understand why on Earth we haven't done a post featuring one of our favorite art deco-inspired wedding dress designers, Alice Temperley and Temperley London, but it seems that we have not. But it's always wow all around when we spot an art deco Temperley London gown... (image via Brides.com)So how could we [...]

Great Gatsby Wedding Inspiration

Love this Great Gatsby wedding inspiration shoot, sent to us from Carla Ten Eyck Photography.  We meant to put this up months ago and it slipped through the cracks somehow which is basically a DISASTER because... well, because just look:   We dropped the ball, and it was such a beautiful, deco-perfect ball. Gorgeous Great [...]

Mary Astor 1920s

Mary Astor, discovered at age 14, was one of the few silent stars who successfully made the transition to talkies. Perhaps best known now for her role in "The Maltese Falcon", she appeared in over 120 films over the course of her career. She was smart and witty (she once said, "There are five stages [...]