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Flapper Fashion || Deco Decadence

We are big, big fans of Unique Vintage here at Deco Weddings: looking for flapper fashion? They’ve got it in spades….

Flapper Fashion

That’s an image from their new “Deco Decadence” (two of our favorite words!) flapper fashion look book. Did I mention we love them? We do. They’re stellar site sponsors, yes, but they’re also my (personal) go-to shop for high-quality repro vintage dresses, and have been for years, long before I started this site. I found them initially looking for 50s style circle-skirt type dresses and I’m beyond delighted that they’ve slowly expanded their 20s inspired section over the years. Take a look at these fabulous flapper looks and click on through for more images/details.

Art Deco Wedding Invitation || Gold + Black

We’re always on the lookout for art deco wedding invitation designs that strike our eye or fancy, and this glam set from Love vs. Design is definitely right up our alley:

Art Deco Wedding Invitation

Classic deco style, lovely gold and black details, and even the sample location, Cicada, is an amazing art deco venue we’ve featured before. This whole art deco invitation set includes a bunch of matching pieces, including a very cool black and gold invitation backer:

Art Deco Invitation Backer

Plus an art deco RSVP card, a black and gold deco belly band and even a deco styled return address envelope.

Art Deco Response Card

Art Deco Belly Band

Art Deco Address Stamp

There’s even a matching art deco save the date (and it comes in magnet form, too! My fave.)

Art Deco Save The Date

You can see the whole collection at Love vs. Design, where it looks like you can also customize everything from the font to the colors (though as always, we’re partial to the classic gold and black).

Art Deco Cake || Sugar Realm

Today we’ve got another amazing art deco cake from Deco Weddings favorite Sugar Realm. We featured their gorgeous art nouveau cake a while back, and originally discovered them with this incredible silver and gold art deco wedding cake, but I’m not lying when I tell you: this is my favorite yet. Take a look:

Art Deco Cake White Gold and Black
SUGAR REALM. You have done it again.

From Ileana of Sugar Realm:

The bride and groom, Monica & Jack had chosen a black, silver and gold color palette, inspired by the Great Gatsby Book Cover, and were attracted to the geometric configuration of its design. During our consultation, the couple also mentioned their love for traveling, and their attachment to Thailand, where they will be traveling for their honeymoon. Jack had lived in Thailand due to work, and mentioned how impressed he was by the magnificence of its architecture. The idea of creating an “Art Deco Temple” came to mind while trying to fuse the beautiful geometry of the Art Deco design era, and the tall configuration of a building or “temple”.
Great Gatsby Wedding Cake
Art Deco Cake Wedding

Absolutely stunning… and like the art nouveau cake, the (same) venue was part of the inspiration. The Hilton Netherland Plaza in Cincinnati, Ohio….

Art Deco Wedding Hilton Netherland Cincinnati

So beautiful. Oh, and have we forgotten to mention something extremely important? Yes we have. Not only does it LOOK great, I am deeply saddened I will not be able to taste the chocolate truffle sponge cake, paired with white chocolate and semisweet chocolate mousse. YUM. Oh we’re not done? No, it’s also infused with chocolate liquor, and Sugar Realm’s luscious orange suzette, made of orange sponge with orange blossom and white chocolate mousseline, with a ginger infused syrup.

What? What. What. Amazing.

Art Deco Manicure || 1920s Nails

Out and about recently I saw a girl with the most amazing art deco manicure, and I immediately realized: of course, NAILS needed to be a post! Can’t believe we haven’t done it already, though we’ve had some posts featuring 1920s Makeup… but check these out:

If you’re planning your wedding, you’ve probably already thought about the dress, the decor, your hair, maybe even your makeup, but do it up with 1920s nails and it adds the perfect deco detail to your day. Some of these may be a bit “out there” for more traditional brides, but if so they would still be amazing for your engagement party, bachelorette, shower, honeymoon… or just regular life! Click the art deco manicure photos below for full images and links to the source (some with tutorials on how to get the look.)

Art Deco Wedding Invitations

When I first saw these amazing art deco wedding invitations from Invitations by Ajalon, I was honestly kind of bowled over:  besides being objectively gorgeous….

Art Deco Wedding Invitation || Gold + Black

…which they are, they are also so in line with my personal style I felt like someone had maybe seen inside my most secret thoughts and designed the perfect art deco invitations for me? But alas, no, since I didn’t see them until now, years after my own wedding.

Art Deco Wedding Invitations

This deco invitation set, called Chicago, has everything you (or I) could want:  bold geometric art deco styling, and fabulous matching pieces. It’s available in letterpress if you have the funds and the desire to go luxe, or digitally printed if you are on more a budget but still looking for glam and art deco. And look at those accompanying pieces! You’ve got a matching art deco RSVP card:

Art Deco RSVP card

Gorgeous gold deco place cards, menu and matching art deco table numbers:

Art Deco Table Numbers

And even the perfect art deco envelope liners to complete the look:

Art Deco Envelope Liner

Want more customization? Looks like they make it easy: according to their site you have your choice of ink and foil colors, paper sizes, custom paper types and more. Very cool, very stylish, very easy. Here’s the same art deco invitation in a custom color combo (still looking gorgeous):

Deco Invitation

Anyway, I love this suite. I’m sure you can tell. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Check out this set and others at Invitations by Ajalon.

Streamline Moderne Invitations

Quick post today: I was browsing through some of the new invitation designs over at Minted and I found this super-cool, super-sleek set with a streamline moderne feel. They’re called the true wedding invitations, and the truth is I frankly just love ‘em.

Deco Streamline Invitation

They’ve got that clean, nautical/train look (obviously leaning deco yacht style in this photo…) and I think they’re perfect and simple. Reminds me a little of the Retro Invitation we featured before on the site. There’s a matching reception card…

Deco Streamline Moderne Invitation

A lovely streamline info card…

Streamline Wedding Info Card

And of course the perfect deco reply card…

Streamline Moderne Wedding Reply Card

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1920s Wedding Inspiration

Today we’ve got a fantastic 1920s wedding inspiration shoot by dani. fine photography, and boy oh boy is it a treat from tip to toe….

So many amazing details: flowers, gowns, paper and decor… it’s all gorgeous. Even a few flapper boudoir shots! Love it! Just sit back, click to enlarge, and enjoy all the incredible details….

Oh, and lastly, there’s also a fab 1920s inspired video of the shoot from Summerwind Wedding Films – what fun! Love the vintage filter/feel (and the behind the scenes look!)

And finally, all the credit for this incredible work below.

Photographer:  dani. fine photography
Invitation Designer: Hartford Prints!
Location: The Society Room of Hartford
Personal Stylist: Beth Chapman
Cake Designer: A Little Imagination Cakes
Other: Beneath the Gown
Veils and headpieces: Bijou Van Ness
Model: Brandon Dutch of John Casablancas
Fashion Designer: Carolina Amato
Linens and Coverings: CLOTHCONNECTION
Floral Designer: Datura: a Modern Garden
Bridesmaid Dresses: Donna Morgan
Paper Props: Essentials
Heirlooms and extras: General Ecletic
Dress Designer: Ivy and Aster
Lighting: Audio Media Solutions
Jewelry: Maria Elena Headpieces
Dress Designer: Rivini
Cinema and Video: Summerwind Wedding Films
Jewelry: The Something Old Collection
Dress Store: The White Dress by the shore
Dress Store: Tova’s Vintage Shop
Tuxedo and Men’s Attire: Valentino Tailors
Model: Jake Bodmer of John Casablancas
Model: Kelsey Sidell of Maggie Inc
Makeup Artist: Larissa Lake Makeup Artist
Model: Lexa Gluck
Model:Anastasia Mikhaleva of John Casablancas

Art Deco Shoes || T-Straps + Mary Janes

Shoes, glorious shoes! That’s what today’s post is all about. Shoes, ladies. Art deco shoes, 1920s shoes, flapper shoes up the wazoo(s). There is no time to waste, there are too many shoes to get to.

First up, I have to share a find I made. I am tempted not to tell you all about them, so I can be the only one who knows, but… we’re all friends here. So take a look at these deco beauties, the Sweet Escape from Aerosoles, are… kinda perfect. I mean, if you’re looking for your something blue, and you’d like it to have a 1920s look…. Art Deco Blue Shoe


Right? Oh, what’s that I hear? They are currently on clearance and under $30/pair? And they come in both black and pink as well…?

Deco Flapper Shoes

Get thee to Aerosoles while there are still sizes left! (if you strike out there, you can try Amazon, Macy’s, and Shoes.com — they all have some random sizes/colors left. Good luck! Sorry I took a few of the last pairs! (actually not sorry…. bwahahahaha they are amazing!)

Next up, the Orseena by Boutique 9. Comes in taupe/silver (perfect art deco wedding shoe!) or gold and black. Both are stunning.

Art Deco Wedding ShoeBlack Gold Art Deco Shoe

Still looking for that something blue? Want or need to add a little height, a little wow, a little oomph? These incredible blue and gold art deco platform shoes might be just the ticket…

Art Deco Platform Heels

Wow. Those are just so pretty. Love that rich, velvet-y blue… happy (shoe) shopping, everyone!

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Chevron Invitation

Well what do we have here… another lovely invite from the folks at Paper Source, it would seem, and this one is definitely right up our alley. We’ve featured one of their designs before, a pretty little black + turquoise deco invitation and it’s certainly lovely. But this new design is… well it’s a wow. Pure deco chevron design = pure deco perfection!

Chevron Wedding Invitation

You can get this design printed digitally (i.e. great looking, but less expensive) OR you can get letterpress printed (more expensive, and one color only, but definite luxe-factor). The colors are all customizable too, though the black and gold is incredible to me… ( full disclosure: I may be biased, as it’s very close to my own wedding colors, but I think that black + metallic combo is SO perfect with deco designs.)

There are a whole bunch of coordinating pieces, too: Save The Dates, chevron stamps, envelopes, etc…

Chevron Invitations

Even a clean, lovely gold thank you note (and you will need a lot of these….)

Deco Chevron Thank You Card

So there you have it, ladies and gents! The lovely gold + black chevron invitation from PaperSource.

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Art Deco Oscars

Not sure how many people watched the Oscars over the weekend, but those who did… were you as delighted as I was to see so much deco influence? I mean, there was George Clooney’s ladyfriend Stacy Keibler, absolutely killing it in a perfect Naeem Khan gown…

Stacy Keiber Art Deco Naeem KhanStacy Keibler Deco Oscars 2013

Right? Kind of incredible. I even love her hair, that swoopy half-vintage thing… her makeup is subtle and subdued… I don’t know. I love it all! And speaking of love, and art deco, and OH MY GOD, did everyone see Halle Berry looking like a perfect art deco robot goddess? No? Well look here:

Art Deco Oscars || Halle Berry

I read people describing this look as “Tron”, “Star Trek Uniform” and “80s Soap Opera” but to me she looks straight out of Metropolis (I mean…yes, there is some shoulder pad action… but I am still a fan.)

Halle Berry Art Deco Oscars 2013

Jessica Chastain also looked vintage-lovely with long 40s hair and a silver and nude/coral vintage styled gown by Armani…

Jessica Chastain 2013 Oscars (images via Celebuzz)

Though I think Reese Witherspoon had the best Veronica Lake hair of the night…

Reese Witherspoon 2013 Oscars

And that dress color… amazing!

Did you guys have any other favorite Oscar looks? (or least favorite…)

Deco Cakes || Black + Gold

I am a big fan of cake. Some might say I am cake’s #1 fan. Like… scary, intense, stalkery fan of “cake” as a concept. I am also (clearly) a fan of art deco style, of beautiful things reminiscent of the 20s and 30s and bygone eras… and so it should be no surprise that I ABSOLUTELY ADORE this deco cake collection, in beautiful black and gold, by Lael Cakes in NYC.

Art Deco Cakes Gold + Black

I mean… just gorgeous. That intense black and gold one is like something out of a dream, or an early (very early) silent film. It’s just phenomenal….

Black + Gold Deco Cake

Ahhh! Perfection. And that other one, the pure deco beauty, geometric, with art deco fan decorations and smooth, sharp edges…

Art Deco Cake

Thank you for the dream of these fantastic treats, Lael Cakes!

(beautiful photos by Jen Huang Photography)

Art Deco Wedding Invitation || Ellington by Atelier Isabey

Just came upon this amazing art deco wedding invitation design and had to share immediately because… wow. I’m in love. In lurve. In loaf. YES. Look at this deco goodness…

Art Deco Placecard

Jeweled placecard holder by Luna Bazaar, placecard by Atelier Isabey, image via Brides.com.

This gorgeous deco wedding invitation suite uses black, white and gold foil to incredible effect…

Art Deco Wedding Invitation

That combination of letterpress and foil stamping is on high quality paper, and the look is simply marvelous!

Deco Wedding Invitation

I’m being totally honest when I say that this design took my breath away when I saw it the first time…I loved my own invitations, but sure wish I had seen these on my search way back when. And so I pass along this find to you, deco-lovers! Check out this whole incredible art deco wedding invitation suite, named the Ellington, at Atelier Isabey.

Vintage, Deco + Nouveau Invitation Roundup

Well it would appear I’ve gotten a little behind on my posting, so today I’m doing a mini-roundup of all the art deco / nouveau and retro invitations I’ve been saving to feature at some point. Now “some point” has arrived! Sorry for smushing them all together in one post, but c’mon… can there ever be too much retro typeface fun? No there cannot. Not here. Here is a safe space. Away we go!

First up, this new retro styled wedding invite from Minted. Love the typeface, and the kinda aviation-inspired vintage theming….

Retro Wedding Invite

Lovely color too! Though it looks like you can get it in any color you like. Saving the best part for last… how much do I love this matching envelope liner? A LOT IS THE ANSWER:

Retro Envelope Liner

Awesome. That’s the strangely, generically named Vintage Retro Type Wedding Invitation
from Minted. Next up, our old friends at Lucky Luxe sent along a doozy of a new invite. We previously featured (and loved!) their Gatsby Save The Date, and they’ve added a new deco invitation to the set. And just take a look…

Deco Gatsby Letterpress Invitation

Art Deco Gatsby Letterpress Invitation

Oh wow. Wow wow wow. Another wow for the RSVP card? Yes.

Art Deco Gatsby RSVP Card

Wow. LOVE. You can find all the info over at Lucky Luxe. Even better, all their art deco and art nouveau period styles are 15% off through September 10! So, so lovely.

Finally, we have some additional images to add to our earlier post featuring that incredible art nouveau cake. As we mentioned in that post, both the cake and the invites were inspired by the gorgeous interior of the venue. Amy from Amo-Ink sent us some more images (hooray!), and also sent the sad news (sad to us! But happy to her) that she is closing down her business. But you can still find her Facebook page here at Amo Ink, and perhaps if you are persistent, you could bring her out of retirement? Otherwise, just enjoy these fabulous art deco invites as inspiration for your own event, because they are wonderful. Colors, design, detail… perfection.

Gold + Black Deco Invitations

Art Deco Invite Directions

Art Deco Monogram Invitation

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That’s all for today!

Flapper Bridesmaid Dresses

I’ve been meaning to do a bridesmaid-specific post for a while now, because there are so many gorgeous flapper looks for your bridal party…

Photo via Unique Vintage.

I just hadn’t managed to get a post together… But I’ve finally been spurred to action by a great tip from ADW reader Heather, who pointed me in the direction of some fabulous (and not $$$!) roaring twenties style dresses at Le Chateau. She suggested they might be that would be absolutely perfect for bridesmaids in a deco wedding, and she couldn’t have been more right. Thanks Heather! I’ve posted photos below, and added a few more 1920s style bridesmaid dresses I found around the web, (ranging from $ to $$!), but what fun to have all your ladies glam and deco, right? Right! (click for full size)

Note: this post includes some affiliate links. You can read more about our affiliate/advertising/sponsorship policies here. As always, we exclusively only feature vendors and artists we genuinely love: businesses, designers and creators who we'd want to showcase even if they weren't helping support the site. Thanks so much you guys!