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Art Deco Circles: Posts tagged “Circles” on Art Deco Weddings. Anything and everything that includes art deco circles: gowns, cakes, decor, invitations and more.

Gold and SIlver Deco Wedding Cake

Hello all! Hope you had a lovely holiday. We took a bit of a break, to make with the drinking and the eating and the traveling and the celebrating, but I think you'll agree we are back today with a bang... Sweet lord in heaven. This art deco wedding cake by Sugar Realm is getting [...]

Baby Blue Art Deco Cake

Just a few blue deco sweets to post this morning. While I can't comment on their actual deliciousness (cake designers: please post the flavors as well as the photos, so we can live vicariously!), I can vouch for their visual deliciousness. Lovely streamline touches, pretty as a picture blue & silver & black color combos. [...]

Roaring Twenties Hollywood || Louise Brooks

Today's Art Deco Hollywood Inspiration: a woman whose haircut inspired ladies everywhere to follow suit (the proto-"Rachel"?), a woman whose talent absolutely radiates off the screen, a silent film star, a stunning beauty and by all accounts one seriously fascinating lady: Louise Brooks. She has an incredible face that can look at times cute as [...]

Art Deco Train Station

The American love affair with trains and train travel may have waned a bit in recent times, but thankfully some of our most beautiful train stations are still around. There has always been a romantic appeal to rail travel, and even in cities where the stations are no longer a travel hub, we're lucky that [...]

Art Deco Pattern

So happy that wallpaper is coming back into fashion! We've posted before about using art deco wallpaper as pattern and decor inspiration, and there really are hugely talented designers working in this field these days. Check out these awesome vintage wallpaper looks from modern designers: not pure deco, a couple have that 60's/Mad Men feel, [...]

Look at this gorgeous art deco cake from Whipped Bakeshop in Philadelphia! Love the sharp edges and perfectly defined deco chevrons and circles. Bonus: according to the description, it tastes as good as it looks: "Alternating tiers of chocolate fudge cake filled with coffee buttercream and vanilla-buttermilk cake filled with caramel buttercream. All covered with [...]

Oh my! Look at these incredibly lovely deco cupcakes from Fox's Cupcake Co.... Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Check out the Fox's Cupcakes website as well. The gallery is truly a thing of beauty. We promise, the good people at Fox's have never heard of us and we are sending you their way simply [...]

Deco Lights

Cheerful blues and yellows brighten up this wedding invitation set from Coco Paperie at Minted. The circles bring in a little bit of a 60s / Mad Men vibe, but the font is pure deco. A great combo! The invite is available all by its lonesome, or with matching RSVP cards, information leaflets and more. [...]