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Art Deco Circles: Posts tagged “Circles” on Art Deco Weddings. Anything and everything that includes art deco circles: gowns, cakes, decor, invitations and more.

Gold and SIlver Deco Wedding Cake

Hello all! Hope you had a lovely holiday. We took a bit of a break, to make with the drinking and the eating and the traveling and the celebrating, but I think you'll agree we are back today with a bang... Sweet lord in heaven. This art deco wedding cake by Sugar Realm is getting [...]

Baby Blue Art Deco Cake

Just a few blue deco sweets to post this morning. While I can't comment on their actual deliciousness (cake designers: please post the flavors as well as the photos, so we can live vicariously!), I can vouch for their visual deliciousness. Lovely streamline touches, pretty as a picture blue & silver & black color combos. [...]

Roaring Twenties Hollywood || Louise Brooks

Today's Art Deco Hollywood Inspiration: a woman whose haircut inspired ladies everywhere to follow suit (the proto-"Rachel"?), a woman whose talent absolutely radiates off the screen, a silent film star, a stunning beauty and by all accounts one seriously fascinating lady: Louise Brooks. She has an incredible face that can look at times cute as [...]