Art Deco Ruby Ring || 1924 Mauboussin

In today’s luminous edition of “I Want That, Give It To Me Now”… this stunning art deco ruby ring from French jewelry house Mauboussin.

Art Deco Ruby Ring

Yup. I want this, give it to me now.  According to the listing at Bonham’s, the sale included a certificate of authenticity from Mauboussin, dating the ring June 11, 1924. Not only that, this same auction lot included more art deco ruby jewelry by the designer: this pair of incredible deco earrings, authenticated and dated to April 20, 1924.

Art Deco Ruby Earrings

And once again… I want these. Give them to me now. Oh, what’s that you say? They sold at Bonham’s for 65k? The ring was 70k, give or take? Cool, cool, let me just check my couch cushions and see if I can scrounge that up…

In all seriousness, these are just stunning. I adore rubies, and there are even tiny ones on my own vintage-style engagement ring (yay!). Ruby is not the most common deco gemstone, so it’s such a delight to drool over these pieces.

A little info on Mauboussin from the listing on Bonhams:

 As Paris recovered during the aftermath of World War I, it returned to its former elegance and opulence. It was a decade in which the house of Mauboussin saw tremendous growth, rivaling that of Cartier and other Parisian competitors.

In 1922, Georges Mauboussin became the named partner, with his uncle, of “Mauboussin, Successeur de Noury,” the French jewelry house that traces its roots to M. Rocher, founder, in 1827. For a span of seven years (1924 to 1931), Mauboussin participated in no less than eighteen exhibitions worldwide; establishing branches in London, New York and Buenos Aires. In 1925, Mauboussin was awarded the Grand Prix at the Exposition des Art Decoratifs in Paris, and Georges Mauboussin was named to the prestigious “Legion d’Honneur”.

It is unusual and fortunate to find a set of ruby and diamond jewelry of the art deco glamour years by Mauboussin. Even more unlikely and rare is that these jewels, created in 1924, signify the heady years of expansion and global recognition of one of the finest French jewelry houses and embody the epitome of the style of this bygone era.

Art Deco Cigarette Cases

Cigarette cases, like cigarette holders, smoking jackets, and hat boxes, are a fabulously stylish vintage accessory sadly on their way to extinction. Now, far be it from me to encourage , condone or suggest that smoking looks in any way cool or stylish (although, even as a life-long non-smoker… personally I think it kind of maybe sorta does. Only in black and white fiction though!)

Beautiful 1920s SmokerSo while smokers may be becoming a smaller and smaller minority, perhaps we could focus on repurposing all those gorgeous vintage smoking accessories. There are so many stunning vintage art deco cigarette cases out there… they make good credit card/ID holders, no? Take a look at the these beauties for inspiration.

Art Deco Cigarette Case - GoldArt Deco Cigarette Case, Circa 1930

Vintage Red Cigarette Case

Red Lacquer Art Deco Cigarette Case

Mint Green Art Deco Cigarette CaseGreen Deco Cigarette Case

Mint Green Art Deco Enamel Cigarette Case, Circa 1934

Rubies Art Deco Cigarette Case

Ruby Art Deco Cigarette Case

Gold Art Deco Cigarette Case with Rubies

Enamel Art Deco Cigarette Case

Enamel Art Deco Cigarette Case, Circa 1920s

Flapper with Cigarette