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Art Deco Ruby: Posts tagged “Ruby” on Art Deco Weddings. 1920s ruby jewelry, art deco ruby rings, bracelets and necklaces, vintage and reproduction roaring twenties ruby beauties.

Art Deco Ruby Ring

In today's luminous edition of "I Want That, Give It To Me Now"... this stunning art deco ruby ring from French jewelry house Mauboussin. Yup. I want this, give it to me now.  According to the listing at Bonham's, the sale included a certificate of authenticity from Mauboussin, dating the ring June 11, 1924. Not [...]

Art Deco Cigarette Case - Gold

Cigarette cases, like cigarette holders, smoking jackets, and hat boxes, are a fabulously stylish vintage accessory sadly on their way to extinction. Now, far be it from me to encourage , condone or suggest that smoking looks in any way cool or stylish (although, even as a life-long non-smoker... personally I think it kind of [...]