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Art Deco Shoes || Silver + Gold Bridal Shoes

Just a couple of breathtaking, beautiful bridal shoes for you to peruse today. First up, this absolutely insane pair of Louboutins: mirror satin, signature red sole, uber-glam, and absolutely art deco all the way. Like wearing the Chrysler building on your feet.

Art Deco ShoesArt Deco Shoes

I’ve done some digging, and it looks like these (the “Very Galaxy” platform pumps) were once upon a time available at Saks, but no more. We’ve set up an automaticsearch, so click that and see if you can find ’em, and if you get them on consignment somewhere like Tradesy (lots of goodies there) or elsewhere  consider yourself blessed beyond all measure. Snap them up! Then give them to me and perhaps we can do a shoe-lending service via Art Deco Weddings and all get a chance to try them on.

Lest you think those shoes were a little over-the-top for a vintage wedding, allow me to introduce some truly over-the-top shoes that are authentically vintage. Also not available to buy, but a great source of inspiration, these 1920s flapper shoes come to us via the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto (currently having 20s themed exhibition) and they are fabulous.

1920s Flapper Shoes

Wow. Classic deco sunburst pattern, but… wow. Intense! That short heel and Mary Jane strap is part of the classic 1920s shoe look, and these are incredible.

Next up: I love these two pairs of vintage inspired low heeled pumps (mercifully discounted over at Both feature white/ivory satin with lovely silver deco detailing, and a perfectly low heel to make all the dancing a delight (and the walking. Nobody tells you about all the “you must say hi to everyone, ever!” walking a bride does…)
1920s Wedding Shoes
Stuart Weitzman Bridal – Estate

Art Deco Bridal Shoes

Calvin Klein – Devine

Finally, another pair of authentic vintage Mary Janes, these are for sale over at Vintage Textile.  Circa 1927, these shiny gold dance shoes have a fabulous vintage look, intense warm gold tone, and almost an art nouveau feel with the cutouts. Best of all they look like they might be relatively comfortable!

Gold Art Deco Shoes

Gold Art Nouveau Shoes

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4 thoughts on “Art Deco Shoes || Silver + Gold Bridal Shoes

  1. Having seen the amazing ‘Very Galaxy’ Louboutins that you featured, I found what seems to be the only pair on the whole of ebay and was super excited that they were my size. They just arrived and they don’t fit! I’m gutted as they were for my wedding. They are an EU size 40 but they are more like a 39. So, if anyone wants to buy these beautiful shoes so they may shine again, you know where to contact me! Best

    • Hi there, would be interested in these shoes, could you let me know the price you were wanting and also how gold do they look? I am wearing silver and black for my wedding Thanks Trudy

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