Hi! So, About Us is actually About Me, since I am just one person. I’m a vintage-loving lady who, when planning my own wedding a few years back, spent hours upon hours roaming the internet looking for art deco/vintage wedding related goodies. There are lots of great vintage wedding resources, but I felt like the wedding planning community needed one central hub for deco delights, so here we are!

A few things to note:

I am not a scholar.
I am not an artist.
I am not an architect.
I am not a historian.
I am not an expert.

I am just someone with a love for the general aesthetic of art deco. But to be honest, I am a fan of many things vintage or otherwise old-school. And so: you will find things on this site that aren’t strictly (or occasionally: not even vaguely) art deco. They are here because I like them, and this is my site, so I can do whatever I want. Hooray! I hope you enjoy it all, and find some inspiration in looking at beautiful things.

Thanks for stopping by! If you would like to send me a note with questions or comments, please visit the contact page and you can find our Privacy Policy here.