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Smokey Eyes || 1920s Makeup

We’ve posted a few 1920s makeup looks before, but it’s hard not to keep coming back to that flapper favorite (and modern trend), the smokey eye. Just ask our previously featured art deco Hollywood style icons Myrna Loy, Louise Brooks and Clara Bow

Myrna Loy Smoky Eye Louise Brooks Smokey Eye Clara Bow Smokey Eye

So today I’m posting because I came across a really excellent video tutorial for smokey eyes the other day, and while there are a metric ton of “how do I do a smoky eye?!?” tutorials out there, I loved the simplicity of this one. Two steps, two products, and gorgeousness ensues.

She doesn’t really focus on the products/tools she’s using, but they did talk about them in the comments over at Refinery29, so you can click through to read details.  I myself was a smokey-eyed bride, and I’d love to see more ladies embrace it. It’s such a gorgeous look, and so variable in its intensity. You can do it up crazy kohl-eyed flapper style, or make it a bit more subtle with lighter shades or a gentler hand. That said, let’s end with a few more pretty images to inspire, shall we? We shall!

Wedding Smokey Eye

The “Splendid Smolder” look from BHLDN’s new “Fancy Face” makeup how-to series.

Smoky Eyes

Gemma Arterton in InStyle (May 2010). Image via TouchPuppet.

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