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Vintage 1920s Wedding Photos

We’re back! Sorry for the delay in posting, it has been a crazy few weeks. But here we are. And tonight we’ve got a lovely set of vintage wedding photos courtesy of Michelle McMurray, founder of Wedding Story Writer. These images are scans of actual wedding photos from the 1920s and 30s, and there are so many fascinating details to be inspired by!

First up, this elegant lady, resplendent in pearls, white opera gloves and a to-die-for jeweled art nouveau / art deco headband.

1920s Wedding Gown

Can’t you just feel how luxe those fabrics are, even through the sepia? Amazing.

Now for some bridal party inspiration… check out these dapper fellows and their dates.

1920s Wedding Party

Gorgeous! All of it. Love the tuxes, the short dresses (even on the bride!), the hair, the cap veil, and those huge 20s style overflowing, draped bouquets (note to self: need to do a “huge 20s bouquet” post soon.) And speaking of fabulous florals…

1920s Bridesmaid

Simply lovely (and perfect hair!). Also lovely? Our next bride, smiling and stunning on her wedding day.

1930s Bride

And finally: this beaded cap-veiled beauty. Check out those metallic flapper t-strap shoes (and the edgy deco backdrop for this photo, dated May 17th, 1930.)

1930s Bride Cap Veil

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3 thoughts on “Vintage 1920s Wedding Photos

  1. I think you will find that th first photo is not a wedding but a Court presentation. The lady is in vening dress and wearing the three feathers and the veil prescribed by the Lord Chamberlain for presentation.

  2. How to I submit a vintage wedding picture taken in 1926 of my mother-in-law’s wedding to face book
    and other vintage pictures of her?

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