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Art Deco Wedding Shoes

I recently spied some crazy-beautiful deco shoes while browsing the web and realized it had been far too long since we did a shoe post, so it’s time take a look at some new ideas for the perfect art deco wedding shoes. First up, the inspiration for this post, and the kind of thing that really makes you realize fashion truly is an art form… the perfect deco detail wedding shoes… the Francesca from Emmy Shoes

Art Deco Wedding Shoes

Art Deco Wedding Shoe

Ermahgerd I can’t breathe those shoes are too incredible…. like, almost painful in their beauty? Yes. Another lovely from the Emmy Shoes line, the Leila Gold, is pure 1930s glamour. Kid suede and metallic leather and all around loveliness:

Deco Wedding Shoes

 For a (somewhat) more affordable deco wedding shoe, the Mimosa T-Strap from BHLDN has a similar vibe (Art Nouveau, delicate deco, and very very pretty):

Art Deco T-Strap Shoes

Finally, absolutely love these zig-zag deco cutout, glitter bomb Max Kibardins:

Art Deco Shoe


Gorgeous! They were available over at ShopBop but appear to have sold out.

And if you’re in the market for vintage and 1920s-inspired shoes, jewelry, clothes and accessories, don’t forget to check out our Deco Shop. We’re adding new finds every day!

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  1. Hi Rosemary, there should be a link for each shoe in the post: which ones are you after? Hopefully we can help point you in the right direction!

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