Zombie Flapper Makeup Tutorial

Zombie Flapper Makeup Tutorial

A quick post today, just 10 days before Halloween, to rave about this incredible zombie flapper makeup tutorial I found on YouTube.  It doesn’t start out zombie-y. It starts out oh-so-lovely-y:

Flapper Makeup Tutorial

But then…if you are not a fan of the scary and the gory and the maybe-some-fake-blood-would-be-awesome kinda Halloween fun, seriously: avert your eyes now. But everyone else: Jordan Hanz is a genius, please let us all bow down to these skills:

Halloween Flapper Makeup Tutorial

YUP. And please note: those pearls are PAINTED ON. That is makeup. 2D. Incredible! If you’re the squeamish sort or interested in a “pretty” look for Halloween,  the first half of this tutorial is a great straight-up flapper makeup tutorial. If you want to get into the gore, stick around and go to town ladies!

She’s also got a million and one other incredible tutorials (um, if you are a gamer, or know one… The Witcher transformation is truly insane), Halloween-y and not so check out her channel! Also: if you’re still in the market for some 1920s inspired Halloween-wear, don’t forget to browse some of the Halloween flapper dresses in our shop!

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