Daring Art Deco Wedding Gowns || Berta

After recently posting about one of our newly discovered favorite designers, Galia Lahav, a fellow vintage style enthusiast pointed us in the direction of another designer also based in Israel: Berta. And once again: wow. With one glance at the gorgeous, daring art deco wedding gowns in Berta’s collections, we were absolutely hooked.

Daring Art Deco Wedding Gowns by Berta

These are daring, decadent gowns, both delicate and wild at once, with plunging necklines and nonexistent backs, and long sleeves and fabulous, incredible details. There is a beauty and a geometry to some of the more avant garde styles that is not directly art deco, but a bold and lovely descendent. Click the thumbnails for a closer look.

1920’s Wedding Dresses || Galia Lahav

In search of more 1920’s wedding dresses to feature, we recently stumbled upon a designer we were instantly, madly, deeply in love with.  The designer? Galia Lahav. The photo that took our breath away (and zoomed this post to the top of the queue)?  Take a look:

1920's Wedding Dresses
GASP. That’s kind of all there is to say. It’s not even a word, it’s an exclamation and feeling and a… well, GASP! I just love that photo (and gown) so much. We quickly tracked down the rest of the collection, the perfectly named Homage to the Sizzling 20s. This collection has it all, and we’re now forever fans of Galia Lahav! Click the images below for more details.