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1920s Wedding Dresses

Elegant art deco wedding dresses and 1920s wedding gowns. Perfect for your art deco or 1920s themed wedding. Gorgeous photos and inspiration pieces from the roaring twenties to today. Original vintage, reproductions and homages, photos, links, ideas and more!

Florence Back || Jenny Packham

Quick post today featuring one of our favorite designers of 1920s style wedding dresses: Jenny Packham. Her designs are a favorite of art deco wedding aficionados everywhere, and we're no exception.... (image via Vogue Sposa) This year's 2014 bridal collection has a distinctly Edwardian / Belle Epoque flair, mixed in with her classic, signature inspiration, [...]

Art Deco Wedding Dress

If you're planning a vintage theme wedding (an art deco wedding, a 1920s wedding, a 1930s wedding... basically any beautiful vintage era), then you probably already know about BHLDN, the vintage wedding focused offshoot of Anthropologie. If somehow you're not already familiar, one glance at their lookbook should be enough to win you over.... They've [...]


Looking for 1920s wedding makeup inspiration? Pretty easy now, right? I love this brave new world of Pinterest and Tumblr and Google image search, and the ease with which you can find and collect the perfect images (back in MY day we had no such tools, young ladies! AND we had to walk ten miles [...]

Deco Peplum Wedding Dress || VM970

Browsing through some deco inspired dress collections yesterday I came across a brand I'd never heard of before, called Mignon. Some really lovely stuff! I think the reason I hadn't seen these dresses before is that they are often marketed as formal/prom/dance gowns as opposed to wedding gowns, but some of them would be absolutely [...]

Today we're introducing a new post-type to the site, the good old-fashioned Sponsor Roundup! Yeehaw! So about once a month we'll be showing you new sponsors of the site, and featuring some of their products so you can see exactly why they were selected as vendor sponsors (hint: because they are awesome). First up, you'll [...]

We've featured the gorgeous designs of Johanna Johnson before (both her Trousseau Bridal collection and her RIDICULOUS-IN-THEIR-BEAUTY 1920s headbands and art deco jewelry)... ...and today we need to bring your more deco-y goodness in the form of her 2013 collection, "Still Is The Night, Not So My Heart...", inspired by the Ziegfield Follies chorus girls [...]

Jenny Packham Bridal 2013

We've featured the 1920s inspired dresess of Jenny Packham before, and you all have probably already seen this year's collection as well, as the images were released earlier in the year (though several of the dresses still haven't been...). But we would be remiss if we didn't post this collection anyway because OH MY GOD [...]

Deco Wedding Dress

I came across the dresses of designer Amanda Wakeley recently, and was completely bowled over. Speechless! Stunned! Not only do I love almost every gown in her collection, her lookbook / photo shoots are absolutely, 100%, insanely gorgeous. They are probably my favorite of any I've seen, just photography-wise, and the fact that the dresses [...]

1930s Wedding Dress Viva

Not sure why we haven't featured these incredible 1920s style wedding dresses by Johanna Johnson before, but today's post will rectify that situation immediately! We've shown you some of this brilliant Australian designer's work before (these gorgeous 1920s headbands), but this post contains even more beauty. Take a look at these absolutely stunning art deco [...]

1920s Wedding Gown

We're back! Sorry for the delay in posting, it has been a crazy few weeks. But here we are. And tonight we've got a lovely set of vintage wedding photos courtesy of Michelle McMurray, founder of Wedding Story Writer. These images are scans of actual wedding photos from the 1920s and 30s, and there are [...]

Art Deco Wedding Gown

Good morning! (or afternoon, or evening, depending on your placement on the globe). Today we've got a lovely selection of art deco wedding gowns by Peter Langner to show you. I saw this editorial shoot from an old issue of Martha Stewart Weddings and was immediately floored... Peter Langner 'Xantia Due' Gown, Image via Martha [...]

1930s Wedding

Many thanks to shoot coordinator and stylist Sarah over at Sarah Giggar Makeup Artistry for sending this beautiful 30s inspired (and overall inspiring) shoot our way. I just loved everything about these photos, starting with the location: the historic Hotel Florence building in Missoula, Montana. One of my favorite things about this shoot is how [...]

Flapper Wedding Pearls

I love finding wedding gowns with art deco details, especially from designers I wasn't already familiar with, so today was such a wonderful treat! I came upon the across-the-board gorgeous 1920s style / 1930s inspired, all-around incredible wedding dresses of Mariana Hardwick. Feast your eyes on these lovelies!

Vintage Art Deco Wedding Gown Vogue Ad

A couple things become immediately clear from this Bonwit Teller ad (pulled from a 1929 issue of Vogue Magazine). First of all, there is no downside to the drama of a long, gorgeous cap veil. Even with (maybe especially with) the sleek lines of a 20s style wedding dress. Secondly, can we bring back "gowned" [...]

Sue Wong Art Deco Cocktail Dress N1436

Sue Wong is a Los Angeles based designer whose 20s-inspired pieces have long been a favorite of art deco obsessed ladies everywhere (including the art deco obsessed lady-proprietor of this blog. Me.) Her bridal collection has some incredible 1920s style wedding dresses, and (bonus) is extremely reasonably priced.  Take a look!