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This is the FAQ for our Deco Shop. If you’re looking for info on our main blog site, Deco Weddings, learn more here –> About Deco Weddings

Now on to the FAQs!

I’m confused… are you guys a wedding blog, or an online store?

As of now, we are both! A very small online store, to start, but we’ve decided to compile and curate some of our finds from around the web in one central location. And thus was born the Deco Shop!

Is the store for weddings and brides only?

Nope! We’re taking the opportunity to expand and feature art deco and vintage-inspired items that have nothing to do with weddings, but everything to do with being awesome. We’ve been doing this for a while on the blog with our “Art Deco Fashion” posts, as well as many of the jewelry posts, and we’re excited to be able to continue to branch out.

So are you stocking and selling all the products in the store?

We’ve sourced some gorgeous deco finds and will be directly selling a few (we’ll be adding more in the coming months.) The rest of the products you see in the store are from our partner retailers. On those pages you’ll see a “See More Details at [Partner Store]”, and you can click that button to learn more, see more images, or purchase.

Do you make money if I purchase from one of the partner retailers?

Yup! We get a small referral fee for sending you along to them. Which is why we’d greatly appreciate you clicking our links to get to the retailers; we need them to know we sent you. Those referral fees help to keep the blog up and running, and allow us to continue to source and curate vintage-inspired products from around the web. We couldn’t do it without you!

More info to come, if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or otherwise, please contact us below. We look forward to hearing from you!