Ruby Art Deco Jewelry || July Birthstone

As you know, we’re deeply, powerfully vintage-glamour-obsessed around these parts; we’ll use any excuse to ooh and ahh over beautiful gems and jewels. This month’s excuse? Well, it’s this month! (July) which means it’s time to celebrate ruby art deco jewelry! Shouldn’t be hard to do, with stunners like these…

Ruby Art Deco Jewelry

Beautiful ruby art deco ring, via 1st Dibs

Um, yes, I will take it, thank you! Oh what’s that? It’s already sold and cost many, many dollars? Probably for the best then, I’ll just dream about it. Likewise with this gorgeous find:

Ruby Art Deco Ring

Gorgeous ruby art deco ring, via 1st Dibs

Also sold, also many many dollars, also gorgeous. To be honest, it’s kinda hard to go wrong with a ruby, though. Passionate and elegant and almost always drop-dead gorgeous, especially in a vintage setting.  Continue reading »

French Vintage Inspired Wedding || Mary + Alun

What an absolutely stunning event today’s French vintage inspired wedding is! Truly dreamy. Mary and Alun were married in the south of France at the gorgeous Chateau De Lartigolle, on Midsummer’s Day.

French Vintage Inspired Wedding

From Mary, the bride:

“We chose an Art Deco theme as this has always been an era we have associated with classic elegance… I wore a 1930’s inspired wedding dress called “Daphne”, designed by Sarah Janks. The dress, along with my Vivienne Sheriff veil and Polly Edwards headpiece, was all purchased from bridal stockist Les Trois Soeurs.

Vintage Inspired Wedding

 “We wanted the ceremony to be as personal as possible. Our lifelong family friend, a Reverend was flown out to France to marry us. My Mother sang during the ceremony, my sister read a poem she wrote for us and my husband’s very close Auntie read words she chose.”

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1920s Wrigley’s Ad || Bride + Groom

I came across an original copy of this charming 1920s Wrigley’s ad (for sale here on Amazon) and I have to say, it is pretty adorable….

1920s Wrigleys Ad  || Bride + Groom

Look at that beautifully dressed, round-faced, gum-loving couple! Definite style tips to be found here (groom’s look is ON POINT). Maybe not so much with the married-life tips (“we don’t mean to imply the bride’s cooking requires a digestive aid” is fun.) but I love everything else about it.

After Every Meal ~ For Life

We don’t mean to imply the bride’s cooking requires a digestive aid– but WRIGLEY’S SPEARMINT affords just that taste of mint we all like after meals.

And besides– it whitens teeth–sweetens breath– aids digestion and calms the nerves.

Freshens the mouth after smoking.

TASTE the Juice of Real Mint Leaves


Berkeley City Club || Vintage Venue

The Berkeley City Club is one of Northern California’s most beautiful vintage wedding venues: a gorgeous private social club, hotel and event venue,  designed and built in the late 1920s by architect Julia Morgan. And it is absolutely, positively stunning.

Vintage Wedding Venues

There’s both indoor and outdoor space and incredible architectural details throughout. This would be the perfect spot for a vintage-inspired Bay Area wedding (there’s even a small hotel!)

Berkeley City Club Vintage Venue

Architect Julia Morgan also designed Hearst Castle in San Simeon, and the Berkeley City Club was also known as the “Little Castle”, thanks to it’s grand designs. It’s truly a work of art!

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