1920s Wedding Dresses || Sue Wong | Deco Weddings

1920s Wedding Dresses || Sue Wong

Sue Wong is a Los Angeles based designer whose 20s-inspired pieces have long been a favorite of art deco obsessed ladies everywhere (including the art deco obsessed lady-proprietor of this blog. Me.) Her bridal collection has some incredible 1920s style wedding dresses, and (bonus) is extremely reasonably priced.  Take a look!

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3 thoughts on “1920s Wedding Dresses || Sue Wong

  1. Hello. I was wondering how much the 1929s style dress Sue Wong cost. It’s the one that is strapless and more off white than off white. Thanks

    • Hi Alana, if you click on each individual photo there should be a link in the description beneath. These dresses were all originally available at Unique Vintage, though many of them are no longer stocked, since this was an earlier collection.

      For tracking down older designs, we always recommend checking out places like Tradesy and PreOwnedWeddingDresses.

      Good luck in your search!

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