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Vintage Advertising || Bonwit Teller + Guerlain Shalimar

A couple things become immediately clear from this Bonwit Teller ad (pulled from a 1929 issue of Vogue Magazine). First of all, there is no downside to the drama of a long, gorgeous cap veil. Even with (maybe especially with) the sleek lines of a 20s style wedding dress. Secondly, can we bring back “gowned” as a verb? Let’s all just agree to do it, you guys. Next time you are at a bridal salon, please ask them to “gown” you.

Vintage Art Deco Wedding Gown Vogue Ad

This Spring’s Loveliest Brides Are Gowned by Bonwit Teller!

Here are gowns that symbolize the perfection of every bride’s most cherished dreams….from the regal gown of parchment satin framed in a luminous cloud of tulle for the formal wedding, to the more informal high-noon wedding-frock of mousse de soie.

Bridal gowns will be specially designed to individual order if one so desires, and entire trousseaux, from lingerie to the going-away costume, will be planned with the aid of experts in the seclusion of our Bridal Suite… Third Floor.

Let’s also bring back “wedding-frock”, trousseaux and “going-away costume”, please. Fun pop culture fact about Bonwit Teller, gleaned from Wikipedia: if you’re a Mad Men fan, this is the store (in fact, the very location in this ad) where Pete finds Joan working as a shop-girl in Season Three.

The Bonwit Teller logo has a lovely art deco font, but this next one does even better (font wise) with a variety of gorgeous 20s fonts.  Here’s the the flip side of the Bonwit Teller ad in this issue of Vogue: another vintage art deco ad, this one for a company that is still in business, and a product that’s still made: Shalimar perfume by Guerlain.

Vintage Guerlain Ad Shalimar Perfume

Guerlain Shalimar

Out of essences so rare that only a small quantity can be procured .. Guerlain .. One hundred years parfumeur laureate of France has created Shalimar the unforgettable.

New York 678 madison ave – Paris 68 champs-élysées

Guerlain perfumes are bottled and sealed in Paris and sold only in the original bottles.

You can still buy Shalimar in the classic, gorgeous art deco bottle in the original ad:

Art Deco Shalimar by Guerlain(image via

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