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1920s Makeup Tutorial || Kandee Johnson

Matching a makeup look to an art deco wedding means different things to different people. You might go for a 30s look (finger waves and all), or create a more general noir, old-school or vintage look with some 1940s styles. Or perhaps you’re taking overall design elements from art deco, but your heart is with the long hair and romance of a Gibson Girl and Art Nouveau. But if you’re going with a pure 1920s wedding theme, nothing beats the classic flapper style.

Art Deco Makeup
There are loads of YouTube makeup tutorials for achieving a flapper look, ranging from fantastic to frightful, but this one from Kandee Johnson is a fave. She looks gorgeous, she doesn’t use ten million products (or products that cost ten million dollars) and she’s fun to watch.

(All images and video via Kandee Johnson.)

Of course, the dark-eyed flapper look might be a bit too much for some brides on the actual day (though not all!), but the cupid’s bow lips are perfect anytime. This would also be a great look for a 20s themed engagement or bachelorette party!

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