Vintage Peridot Jewelry | August Birthstone

Vintage Peridot Jewelry | August Birthstone | Art Deco Peridot

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Up today, we’re featuring gorgeous vintage peridot jewelry, one of August’s THREE(!) birthstones and a shimmering green delight. First, we’ve got to share this sparkling minty lime green treat, found amongst other vintage peridot treasures at Etsy:

Vintage Peridot Jewelry

Beautiful green 1920s vintage peridot ring, from MS Jewelers.

Absolutely stunning. On the opposite end of the sparkle spectrum, we’re also enamored of this muted pre-Art Deco, Art Nouveau peridot pin, circa 1902.

Elegant Art Nouveau peridot pin, from Etsy.

The seller says the green stones are either peridot or glass, but either way this vintage peridot brooch is a beautiful true vintage representation of the Art Nouveau style.

Another beautiful piece of vintage peridot jewelry? This elegant art deco peridot ring, with a streamline moderne flair to the band and a gorgeous blue emerald cut topaz at the center.

Art Deco Peridot Topaz Ring

Elegant Art Deco peridot and topaz ring, from Vierks Fine Jewelry.

If you’re looking for something striking, geometric and art deco with just hint of cool green peridot as an accent, these bold gold earrings are just the ticket:


Art Deco Peridot Earrings

Quartz, white gold + peridot earrings, via 1st Dibs.

And as long as we’re talking “striking”, take a look at this vintage gold and peridot snake pin from Etsy:

Vintage Peridot Pin

Vintage peridot pin with snake motif, circa 1900, available at Etsy.

Another pretty peridot can be found in this gorgeous, pure art deco cocktail ring:

Art Deco Vintage Peridot Ring

Art Deco vintage peridot ring, from Fred Leighton.

Another vintage beauty, this peridot pendant is cool green treat, set amidst sparkling round-cut diamonds and available at Etsy.

Vintage Peridot Necklace

Glittering green vintage peridot necklace, available at Etsy

Or how about this bold pendant, a deep green tourmaline with a pale peridot accent stone:

Art Deco Vintage Tourmaline and Peridot Necklace

Art Deco tourmaline and peridot necklace, via Eragem.

And finally, check out every angle of this breathtaking art deco gold peridot ring, another vintage beauty for sale on Etsy:

Gold Art Deco Peridot Ring

Stunning gold Art Deco peridot ring, from Etsy.

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