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Vintage Venue: The Queen Mary

Queen Mary

Vintage Cunard Poster via

The Queen Mary was born first as a luxury ocean liner (her maiden voyage was in 1936), became a troop ship during World War II, and was a glamorous cruise ship for decades. In 1967 she was sold to the City of Long Beach, and has been open to the public off and on since then. In her current incarnation she hosts events, conferences, and (yes) weddings!

Although there are some sections of the ship that may need a little TLC (like so many treasures of that era), there are so many gorgeous deco details remaining on the Queen Mary, any SoCal bride looking for a vintage wedding venue needs to check her out. I mean… just look… swoon-worthy lighting! Deco murals galore! Gold and mahogany and all that jazz…

(and there’s an Art Deco Festival being held aboard this weekend!)

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