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1920s Advertising

1920s Advertising: Vintage art deco ads, 1920s posters, vintage advertising for movies, music and more.

New York Vintage Travel Poster Save The Date

I love the idea of using themes or imagery from vintage travel posters for elements of an art deco inspired wedding. For a lot of people (myself included), though you may not be having a traditional "destination wedding", many of your guests will be traveling from out of town to celebrate with you. If you [...]

The soft luster of white satin is exquisitely set off by pearl trimming in this Lucile-Paris wedding gown. Lucile suggests a striking innovation in bridal hosiery- Fanchon, faintest, most delicate flesh-pink, rather than white. Perhaps the most unusual of the new hosiery shades sent from Paris by Lucile is Fleur de Lis, the creamy ivory [...]

Vintage Art Deco Wedding Gown Vogue Ad

A couple things become immediately clear from this Bonwit Teller ad (pulled from a 1929 issue of Vogue Magazine). First of all, there is no downside to the drama of a long, gorgeous cap veil. Even with (maybe especially with) the sleek lines of a 20s style wedding dress. Secondly, can we bring back "gowned" [...]