Vintage Travel Poster Save The Dates ~ Deco Weddings

For a lot of people (myself included), though you may not be having a traditional “destination wedding”, many of your guests will be traveling from out of town to celebrate with you. Which is why these vintage travel poster save the dates are SO fabulous: if you live in a gorgeous city with tons of history, making the city itself part of the invitation is a great way to mix vintage style with your hometown (or adopted hometown!).

They have that amazing WPA / art deco look, and I am a fan, you guys. Plus they come in magnet form, which as a wedding guest I always love. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want these lovelies on display on their fridge?

 Art Deco St. Louis Save The Date Art Deco New York Save The Date Art Deco Chicago Save The DateArt Deco San Francisco Wedding

You can find these at American Bridal, where the same images above are also available in these really cool souvenir posters that you can have your guests sign and would be 10x better than a traditional guestbook (ours was a vaguely ugly last minute purchase and is languishing in a box somewhere these days…)

And, while browsing those vintage travel poster save the dates, I saw they also have these fantastic art deco ad/magazine styled save the dates as well. They’re personalized with your name/location, obviously, and I think they’re just dreamy. I will be surprised if you don’t agree! But you are entitled to your opinion! But just take a look! Exclamation points!

Right? Those are great. Love ‘em!

UPDATE: These are no longer available from the original supplier, but we are looking into where they can be purchased now. If you have a lead, let us know!

Vintage Advertising || Holeproof Hosiery

The soft luster of white satin is exquisitely set off by pearl trimming in this Lucile-Paris wedding gown. Lucile suggests a striking innovation in bridal hosiery- Fanchon, faintest, most delicate flesh-pink, rather than white. Perhaps the most unusual of the new hosiery shades sent from Paris by Lucile is Fleur de Lis, the creamy ivory color which was created for use with nacre shoe leathers – but which is equally smart worn with beige and black footwear.”

1920s Stocking Ad

Hosiery, the all-important link in ensemble, must conform closely to the mode. Its duty is to blend the colors found in dress and shoes. Perhaps, to harmonize with one, contrast the other.

Whenever a new trend is seen, stockings must at once be color-styled to suit. Now fashion’s whim is new. This time it turns to composé in color and in fabric. This means soft blending of a single color’s tone, or harmonious union of the shades of two.

Thus new colors are required not found before. That’s why Lucile of Paris sends new colors and new shades so hurriedly. With them you rest assured of Paris chic.

Paris Lives in Color

The finest stockings in the world are made at home… flawless, cobweb chiffons, incomparable! But for the superlative in color we must go abroad. And so, Holeproof, world-famous maker of America, joins with the master artist of le beau monde… Lucile.

Now comes a keener sense of color-style — of correct shades and how to choose them. For Lucile now offers you new Holeproof shades to meet the mode.

You see innumerable hosiery colors, but Lucile warns few are actually correct. Perhaps in twenty “nudes” one alone is right. That’s why there is one Lucile Petale; one Lucile Yvonee.

And in Lucile you find a color guide, Holeproof, alone, can offer you.

See The New Holeproof Stocking

Here is a special stocking that has proved immensely popular. It comes in transparent, sheer chiffon as well as heavier service weights. Free from imperfections. Free from streaks or shadows, as are all Holeproof styles. Dyed in new shades by a non-fading process. Invisibly reinforced at toe and heel. Full-fashioned — slenderizing.

See this number at your Holeproof store. Other styles range from $1.00 to $2.95. All are of the same flawless texture. All give the same long wear.