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1920s Advertising

1920s Advertising: Vintage art deco ads, 1920s posters, vintage advertising for movies, music and more.

New York Vintage Travel Poster Save The Date

I love the idea of using themes or imagery from vintage travel posters for elements of an art deco inspired wedding. For a lot of people (myself included), though you may not be having a traditional "destination wedding", many of your guests will be traveling from out of town to celebrate with you. If you [...]

The soft luster of white satin is exquisitely set off by pearl trimming in this Lucile-Paris wedding gown. Lucile suggests a striking innovation in bridal hosiery- Fanchon, faintest, most delicate flesh-pink, rather than white. Perhaps the most unusual of the new hosiery shades sent from Paris by Lucile is Fleur de Lis, the creamy ivory [...]

Vintage Art Deco Wedding Gown Vogue Ad

A couple things become immediately clear from this Bonwit Teller ad (pulled from a 1929 issue of Vogue Magazine). First of all, there is no downside to the drama of a long, gorgeous cap veil. Even with (maybe especially with) the sleek lines of a 20s style wedding dress. Secondly, can we bring back "gowned" [...]

20s Cine Kodak Ad

Love this vintage ad for many reasons, not the least of which is how absolutely timeless the copy is. You'd think it would be outdated, but the pitch still works! Obviously also love that gorgeous bride with her cap veil and debonair groom.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! This evening I've decided I'm starting a new category, Art Deco Hollywood, because the silver screen is (of course) a fantastic source for 1920s wedding ideas. And also, frankly, because I could look at photos of stars of the 20s-40s pretty much all day. And now I will share [...]

Art Deco Music Janet Klein

One of the saddest thing about our move from records to tapes to CDs to digital is that so many great singers, songs and songwriters have gotten lost in the shuffle. Sure, you can find most things now with a quick Googling, an online swipe of the credit card, and voila! But as a music [...]

Look at these gorgeous sketches (art in their own right) from the 1920s! Housed in the Department of Special Collections at FIT, these are scans of original 20s wedding gown sketches, housed in the the FIT archives 'Lucile, Lady Duff Gordon' collection. See more sketches and read about Lucile Duff Gordon at Pins and Needles [...]

1920s Green Metropolis Poster

Sometimes I forget how influential the art around Fritz Lang's 1927 film Metropolis was (and is). So much incredible, inspirational art deco/modernist art sprang up around it. The fonts! The design! The posters!   (Click on the image to see any print at Art.com) To be fair, that futurist look might be a little dark [...]