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Deco Cakes

Decadent, delicious and deco! Art deco cakes, cookies, cupcakes and sweets to complement a 1920s themed wedding or event. Inspiration videos, recipes, photos and more to help you find the roaring twenties cakes of your dreams!

Great Gatsby Wedding Cake

Today we've got another amazing art deco cake from Deco Weddings favorite Sugar Realm. We featured their gorgeous art nouveau cake a while back, and originally discovered them with this incredible silver and gold art deco wedding cake, but I'm not lying when I tell you: this is my favorite yet. Take a look: SUGAR [...]


Today we've got a fantastic 1920s wedding inspiration shoot by dani. fine photography, and boy oh boy is it a treat from tip to toe.... So many amazing details: flowers, gowns, paper and decor... it's all gorgeous. Even a few flapper boudoir shots! Love it! Just sit back, click to enlarge, and enjoy all the [...]

Black + Gold Deco Cake

I am a big fan of cake. Some might say I am cake's #1 fan. Like... scary, intense, stalkery fan of "cake" as a concept. I am also (clearly) a fan of art deco style, of beautiful things reminiscent of the 20s and 30s and bygone eras... and so it should be no surprise that [...]

1920s Bridal Hair

Well today we have quite a treat, in the form of this fantastic roaring twenties wedding inspiration shoot from Photo by AM Photography. The details here are fabulous (the light! that cake! Her makeup!). It's all lovely, all on point, and all inspired and inspirational. Love!  Models: Lauren Ashley Riales, Marissa Croft, Kelsey Clark, Jacob [...]

Gold Art Nouveau Cake

Today we have another gorgeous gold and silver wedding cake sent to us by Sugar Realm, and we are as delighted as we were with their last creation. This incredible art nouveau cake features some gorgeous color and design elements, and just look at the detail... As you can see below, the cake was inspired [...]

Art Nouveau Wedding

Received this gorgeous submission from Gideon Photography, and what a pretty inspirational shoot this was. Nothing art deco here, but some beautifully art nouveau / turn of the century design elements and inspiration pieces. It doesn't hurt to have a couple who looks like this showing it all off... So yes! We love. Beautiful and [...]

Gold and SIlver Deco Wedding Cake

Hello all! Hope you had a lovely holiday. We took a bit of a break, to make with the drinking and the eating and the traveling and the celebrating, but I think you'll agree we are back today with a bang... Sweet lord in heaven. This art deco wedding cake by Sugar Realm is getting [...]

Baby Blue Art Deco Cake

Just a few blue deco sweets to post this morning. While I can't comment on their actual deliciousness (cake designers: please post the flavors as well as the photos, so we can live vicariously!), I can vouch for their visual deliciousness. Lovely streamline touches, pretty as a picture blue & silver & black color combos. [...]