1920s Wedding Dresses || Eliza Jane Howell

Well, its happened. We’ve fallen in love again, hard. Because we recently came across the designs of Eliza Jane Howell (actually designer Gill Harvey: the name is an homage to her grandmother) and we’re absolutely, crazily, 100% smitten with these incredible 1920s wedding dresses.
1920s Wedding Dresses | Eliza Jane Howell

Wow. And hooray! This post is going to be a photo-heavy, vintage perfect, art deco explosion because there are just too many incredible gowns we need to show you. I tried to narrow it down some… but I failed. Sorry! (actually…NO I’M NOT. Please click for larger images, and enjoy!)

GIVEAWAY! | Vintage Inspired Crystal Starburst Earrings

To celebrate the soft launch of the new Art Deco Shop, we’re having a giveaway of one of our favorite finds: these beautiful vintage inspired crystal starburst earrings, from designer Kenneth Jay Lane.

Art Deco Starburst EarringsArt Deco 1920s Earrings

Original retail price was $100, they are currently on sale in the Deco Shop for $79, and you can enter to win them free below! They are absolutely lovely in person. Good luck!

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Vintage Zircon Art Deco Jewelry || December Birthstone

December is a month filled with celebrations, and anyone who knows someone with a birthday around Christmas or New Year’s knows how they can sometimes get overlooked in all the holiday hullaballoo. But not today! Today we’re focusing on gorgeous vintage zircon art deco jewelry, one of December’s three beautiful birthstones (the others, turquoise and tanzanite, we’ll save for another time.).

First up, this incredible 1920s platinum, diamond and zircon ring. Absolutely stunning art deco geometric design in the setting, brilliant glittering diamonds surrounding a bright, clear blue emerald cut zircon. Gorgeous!

Vintage Art Deco zircon + platinum ring

Vintage Art Deco zircon + platinum ring, via Lang Antiques.


Next, this very cool, almost futuristic art deco zircon ring. Set in yellow gold, with a Metropolis-inspired vibe, this antique ring is both lovely, and truly unique. Love it!

Furturistic Art Deco Zircon Ring

Furturistic art deco ring with zircon stone, via Eragem.


Another beautiful gold and zircon find is this stunning bracelet from the 1940s, a perfect mix of warm yellow gold and glittering blue zircon stones.

Vintage blue zircon bracelet

Vintage blue zircon bracelet, from Cypress Creek Vintage.

Next up is this amazing find, a true vintage Victorian set still in it’s original box, featuring a zircon necklace, ring and earrings set in white gold.

1920s Blue Zircon Ring

1920s style blue zircon ring, from The Antique Ring Company.

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