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Art Deco Wedding Cake || Silver + Gold

Hello all! Hope you had a lovely holiday. We took a bit of a break, to make with the drinking and the eating and the traveling and the celebrating, but I think you’ll agree we are back today with a bang…

Gold Art Deco Wedding Cake Sweet lord in heaven. This art deco wedding cake by Sugar Realm is getting its own post, because it deserves it. This cake might even deserve its own blog. I mean… look at it.

Art Deco Cake DecorationIt’s beautiful art deco architecture, in cake form. I would live in this cake, if it were a building. The deco details, the fans and flourishes… the entire thing could be made of cardboard and I’d still be impressed. I might even still try to eat it– it is that pretty.

Gold Deco CakeBut it is not made of cardboard! It is, in fact, a “chocolate truffle cake paired with an indulgent semi-sweet chocolate truffle buttercream, infused with a chocolate liquour syrup”.

Oh. OK. HOLY WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You had me at “truffle buttercream”.

Gold and SIlver Deco Wedding Cake I am not even typically the world’s number one gold fan, but I will make an exception for this incredible art deco cake. Please visit this wonderfully talented artist and designer over at Sugar Realm for more photos of this cake (and her other gorgeous creations!)

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