Art Deco Evening Gowns

Art Deco Evening Gowns

Well, it must be all those award shows, but I find myself on an vintage-inspired evening gown kick and there’s not much I can do about it (other than Google, and search and pore over endless photos of incredible art deco style evening gowns). You might as well enter this tunnel with me, because it is filled with lovely things…

Let’s start here: Marchesa (love), black and gold and deco to the MAX… this is a stunner, no?

Black Gold Marchesa Art Deco Deco Gown Marchesa

Gold and Black Art Deco Marchesa evening gown (ooh and 55% off!)

Or, hello, let us all take a look at this marvelous red 1930s style evening gown. The belt, the earrings, the figure, the room…. it’s all perfection. WANT.

 Red Art Deco Evening Gown

Ralph Lauren Collection Art Deco ‘Adele’ Silk Gown

This silver Monique Lhuillier art deco evening gown is also gorgeous (could work as a wedding gown, though she has lovely actual wedding gown designs as well.)

Silver Deco Gown Monique LhuillierSilver Art Deco Dress Evening Gown

Monique Lhuillier Art Deco Evening Gown

Last up this lovely coral art deco Zac Posen gown. Stretch crepe satin, silk chiffon insets, oh la la! Those sleeves are also weird, and I like it.

Zac Posen Art Deco Gown

Zac Posen Art Deco Gown

So now all I have to do is get invited to an award show so I have somewhere to wear one (or all) of these. Anybody need a +1 for the Oscars?

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