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Flapper Bridesmaid Dresses

I’ve been meaning to do a bridesmaid-specific post for a while now, because there are so many gorgeous flapper looks for your bridal party…

Photo via Unique Vintage.

I just hadn’t managed to get a post together… But I’ve finally been spurred to action by a great tip from ADW reader Heather, who pointed me in the direction of some fabulous (and not $$$!) roaring twenties style dresses at Le Chateau. She suggested they might be that would be absolutely perfect for bridesmaids in a deco wedding, and she couldn’t have been more right. Thanks Heather! I’ve posted photos below, and added a few more 1920s style bridesmaid dresses I found around the web, (ranging from $ to $$!), but what fun to have all your ladies glam and deco, right? Right! (click for full size)

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3 thoughts on “Flapper Bridesmaid Dresses

  1. Totally against marriage but these frocks might change my mind. I’m a total Art Deco freak. Always have been always will be.

    • I myself am partial to marriage, but I join you in the Art Deco freak parade! That said, I think all these dresses would work fabulously for a cocktail party or twenties themed event of any kind, don’t you? No need for a ring, just some good friends, good music, good drinks…

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