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Art Deco Wedding Invitation || Ellington by Atelier Isabey

Just came upon this amazing art deco wedding invitation design and had to share immediately because… wow. I’m in love. In lurve. In loaf. YES. Look at this deco goodness…

Art Deco Placecard

Jeweled placecard holder by Luna Bazaar, placecard by Atelier Isabey, image via

This gorgeous deco wedding invitation suite uses black, white and gold foil to incredible effect…

Art Deco Wedding Invitation

That combination of letterpress and foil stamping is on high quality paper, and the look is simply marvelous!

Deco Wedding Invitation

I’m being totally honest when I say that this design took my breath away when I saw it the first time…I loved my own invitations, but sure wish I had seen these on my search way back when. And so I pass along this find to you, deco-lovers! Check out this whole incredible art deco wedding invitation suite, named the Ellington, at Atelier Isabey.

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4 thoughts on “Art Deco Wedding Invitation || Ellington by Atelier Isabey

  1. im having a great gatsby theme wedding and wanted inviations that look like the movie. how can I ge that arranged and what the price point?

  2. Hi I’m having a great gatsby birthday party and I want nice gold and black invasions I can I get that arranged and what will be the price

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