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Art Deco Dresses || Mignon

Browsing through some art deco dresses yesterday I came across a brand I’d never heard of before, called Mignon. Some really lovely stuff! I think the reason I hadn’t seen these gowns before is that they are often marketed as formal/prom/dance dressess as opposed to wedding gowns, but some of them would be absolutely ideal for a deco wedding!

Major Bonus: dresses that aren’t marketed as wedding dresses? SO MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE! No bridal price-gouge… So click through to check these lovelies out: deco/vintage inspired gowns, most under $600 (some under $400!)

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One thought on “Art Deco Dresses || Mignon

  1. I love the white and black one for an art deco affair. The simple rule of black on the bottom makes it flattering and the graphic nature of the design makes it art deco! Worthy of a Gatsby Themed Wedding or party. All it needs is a long sparkling lavalier!

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