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Jazz Age Wedding Gowns || Galia Lahav

We’ve pointed you in the direction of the jaw-dropping 1920’s wedding dresses of Galia Lahav before, and we’re absolutely delighted to be able to do it again today with their newest designs. Inspired once again by the 1920s, this collection of  stunning jazz age wedding gowns are aptly titled “Tales of The Jazz Age”….

Jazz Age Wedding

Incredible. The gowns in this collection are beautiful, intricate and simply a delight just to gaze upon.

Lana Galia Lahav

One of the most unique and daring elements of Galia Lahav designs are the plunging, intricately detailed backs of each gown, so I’ve made sure to include photos of the backs as well.

Click on each image for a better view, and take a look!

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