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1930s Style Silk Wedding Dress || Natalia Misslin

Oh, what a lovely 1930s style wedding dress from Natalia Misslin! Love the draping bias cut and that little flowing scarf-piece on the shoulder is the perfect ’30s touch.

30s Wedding Dress1930s Wedding Gown –  Natalia Misslin Designs

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6 thoughts on “1930s Style Silk Wedding Dress || Natalia Misslin

  1. where could i find this dress? it is exactly the style and fabric i have been looking for! i andgetting married in february.

  2. Sigh!

    How often are we getting queries about shipping our dresses. We are an independent company based in Edinburgh. Natalia is one of the only designer capable of producing bias cut dress. If anybody can come up with an idea to supply the US , let us know.


    PS, new website http://www.misslin.eu is being built and looks better. Just need to get around inserting a gallery and sub edit the text.

    • I am with Miss Jennifer Martin! I love this gorgeous and elegantly draping silk, bias cut dress and plan to be married 2012 as well!
      I have no ideas on how you or Miss Misslin can ship the US but here are 2 very eager clients! I have also contacted http://www.KleinfeldBridal.com who, of course, had no way of helping me as they did not have a dress of Misslin’s in stock. But perhaps, this is a way in which to “break into” the US market??? (with these designs, I do not think there will be a problem!) Here is the email of the person who responded from their salon: DSalvo@kleinfeldbridal.com (Daniela)
      I would be eternally thankful if there was a way you could have me in contact with this gown! ~Nathalie Hidalgo, peruchipac@gmail.com (954)244-9450

  3. You can add me to the list of admirers; I absolutely love this dress and would love to wear it for my September 2012 wedding. So classic. So lovely! Won’t someone carry it? I’d fly to New York to buy it (ah hem…Kleinfelds….this is your cue..)

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