Vintage Art Deco Cake Toppers

Admittedly, it’s true that I will take any excuse to think about/talk about/dream about cake. CAKE! Glorious, wondrous cake. Today’s excuse? This collection of vintage Art Deco cake toppers, perfect for a 1920s themed soiree, and the ideal accompaniment to delicious cake. First, this delicate vintage paper-scrap piece, adorned with silver-plated glass glitter. This piece

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The Great Gatsby || Baz Luhrmann

Great Gatsby Poster Baz 2012

Well, the trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s long-awaited (or long-dreaded, depending on your tastes…) version of The Great Gatsby is here! That is… well, it is interesting. Interestingly scored, interestingly cast… there will certainly be lots to look at, style-wise. The Great Gatsby is a perennial favorite for vintage-wedding inspiration, and there is certainly a lot

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Vintage Style Wedding || Ebony + Andrew

Art Deco Bride and Groom

What an incredible vintage themed wedding, sent to us from photographer Marzena Wasilewska. Ebony & Andrew’s 1920s style wedding is an amazing, inspirational example of what commitment, creativity and craftiness can bring to a wedding. They created a lot of the details themselves and these are obviously two very talented (and genetically blessed!) people. Their

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Vintage Advertising Posters || Arrow Dress Shirts

1920s Vintage Poster

Besides being great apartment or home decor, vintage advertising posters are the perfect inspiration piece when planning a 20s, 30s or otherwise old-school wedding. Like these gorgeous art deco ads for Arrow Dress Shirts, illustrated by Joseph Leyendecker, circa 1929. Check out that handsome groom-looking gentleman! Arrow Dress Shirts and Collars Vintage Advertising Poster via

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