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Boardwalk Empire Fashion

Hello all! Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far. I’m very excited about tonight’s return of one of the most stylish shows on television, Boardwalk Empire. This is a show that started out looking pretty, but being not-so-great (in my most humble of opinions), but by the end of last season it was not only gorgeous, it was oh-so-great, so I can’t wait for tonight’s season premiere!

(note, vis a vis premieres: I know our lucky lucky friends in the UK are also getting the premiere of Downton Abbey tonight, like maybe right now, but we are Downton-less over here for another few months so I can’t bring myself to even talk about it, though I’m SURE there will be much to talk about as the show enters the roaring 20s. Gahhhhh so jealous of you all! NO SPOILERS PLEASE.)

So back to what we have here in the States, which is Boardwalk Empire, and to be sure, they are no slouches in the “incredible 20s style costuming and set design” departments. Take a look, and click through for larger images. (all photos courtesy HBO.)

And finally, a fabulous compilation of some of the best shots of the series, and there are lots of ’em… (probably best to only watch this if you’re caught up with the show, or you plan on never watching it, cause it may be a bit spoiler-y…)

Time to start mixing martinis for tonight’s premiere party!

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