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Art Deco Gowns + Jewelry || Sponsor Roundup

Today we’re introducing a new post-type to the site, the good old-fashioned Sponsor Roundup! Yeehaw! So about once a month we’ll be showing you new sponsors of the site, and featuring some of their products so you can see exactly why they were selected as vendor sponsors (hint: because they are awesome).

First up, you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about when you lay eyes on  the gorgeous custom made gowns and veils of Katherine Feiel.

1920s Wedding Gowns

That’s the Wild Calla gown and Meadowsweet Veil on the left and the Attea gown on the right.

All of her gowns are bespoke, using your exact measurements, and can be shipped worldwide. One of the most unique and wonderful things about Katherine Feiel (for deco loving ladies) is that she collects vintage fabrics (beaded silks and wools, tapestries, handmade laces, vintage wedding gowns) and incorporates them into new pieces (i.e. your dream gown!). You have to agree that her collection of vintage fabrics and beading is kinda sorta definitely… amazing:

Art Deco Pattern || 1920s Beading

You can get info on all her lovely dresses, veils and fabrics by visiting

Next up, the truly, painfully, gorgeously perfect vintage and estate jewelry at Eragem. We’ve featured pieces of theirs before (like this earlier post with their incredible sapphire art deco bracelet) and we’re delighted to give you some more deco eye candy courtesy of the EraGem collection. Like, say, these incredible emerald art deco pieces….

Emerald Art Deco Jewelry

OMG. That’s a 1.5 carat art deco diamond, platinum and emerald ring on the left, and why yes, I would like to have it, thanks! On the right is a 1930s art deco Gruen watch with emerald accents, and it is also (of course) to die for.   Oh, what’s that? You need a matching emerald deco brooch? Well, it’s EraGem’s pleasure! Take a look at this beauty:

Deco Emerald Brooch

Simply gorgeous art deco emerald brooch, circa 1920s. PERFECTION! Visit them at to see more.

And that wraps up our very first edition of the ADW Sponsor Roundup! You can read more about our advertising/sponsorship policies here, but the main thing to know is this: we will only be featuring vendors and artists we genuinely love. Small businesses, designers and creators who we’d want to showcase even if they weren’t helping support the site. (but they are! So do click through and take a look. It helps us, it helps them, and honestly… look at those beautiful pieces… it will help you!)

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