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Vintage 1920s Aquamarine Pendant

We’ve got a tag on Deco Weddings called my preciousss, and it’s just for pieces like this: an incredible vintage 1920s aquamarine pendant, sparkling and glittering and glamouring its way into our hearts like…

Vintage 1920s Aquamarine Pendant

Vintage 1920s aquamarine pendant, from King David’s Treasures.


Platinum Art Deco Aquamarine Necklace

Platinum art deco aquamarine necklace, from King David’s Treasures.

That’s a 25 carat emerald cut aquamarine (March’s birthstone!) in a dazzling platinum and diamond setting, and it is… perfection.

Art Deco Aquamarine Necklace

Art Deco aquamarine necklace, from King David’s Treasures.

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