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1920s Accessories

Beautiful accessories to complement a 1920s themed wedding or any other art deco event. Gorgeous photos and inspiration pieces from the roaring twenties to today. Original vintage, reproductions and homages, photos, links, ideas and more!

Art Deco Wedding Shoes

I recently spied some crazy-beautiful deco shoes while browsing the web and realized it had been far too long since we did a shoe post, so it's time take a look at some new ideas for the perfect art deco wedding shoes. First up, the inspiration for this post, and the kind of thing that [...]

Art Deco Bridal Jewelry

I came across these incredible 1920s headbands and accesories by Gibson Bespoke recently and couldn't wait to share them with you guys. (It looks like they also have an Etsy shop with the same collection in American pricing here: WillowMoone: Gibson Bespoke). But yup, I had to post these designs because... wow. Just wow. The [...]

We've featured the gorgeous designs of Johanna Johnson before (both her Trousseau Bridal collection and her RIDICULOUS-IN-THEIR-BEAUTY 1920s headbands and art deco jewelry)... ...and today we need to bring your more deco-y goodness in the form of her 2013 collection, "Still Is The Night, Not So My Heart...", inspired by the Ziegfield Follies chorus girls [...]

Deco Christmas

Well, everyone, it's that time of year... the most wonderful time of the year! OK, OK, so some may disagree. But I myself am a sucker for the holiday season no matter how you slice it: flavored-coffee-wise, weather-wise, music-wise, decoration-wise, cookie-wise... and of course... the parties! Whether you're hosting, guesting or just going out for [...]

Blue Deco Headband

Just a quick post today, a sort of mish-mash of art deco bits and pieces I've found while poking around the net for content for our site. The theme? Blue! Now, I myself am quite a superstitious sort, so you'd better believe I had my "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue" figured [...]

As we noted in the last post, Gatsby style is back this year, and and although part of me hates it when things I love become popular, the other part of me loves it when it means other people put together well-curated collections of deco looks for me to ooh and ah over! Like this [...]

Great Gatsby Poster Baz 2012

Well, the trailer for Baz Luhrmann's long-awaited (or long-dreaded, depending on your tastes...) version of The Great Gatsby is here! That is... well, it is interesting. Interestingly scored, interestingly cast... there will certainly be lots to look at, style-wise. The Great Gatsby is a perennial favorite for vintage-wedding inspiration, and there is certainly a lot [...]

1920s Wedding Gown

We're back! Sorry for the delay in posting, it has been a crazy few weeks. But here we are. And tonight we've got a lovely set of vintage wedding photos courtesy of Michelle McMurray, founder of Wedding Story Writer. These images are scans of actual wedding photos from the 1920s and 30s, and there are [...]

One of the downsides to starting this site is that I am forever finding things I want to have. I want them for me. I want them now. I'm discovering things I didn't even know existed and I want them. Like, say, dress clips. Dress clips? I didn't know this was a thing, I would [...]

Art Deco Shoes

Just a couple of breathtaking, beautiful bridal shoes for you to peruse today. First up, this absolutely insane pair of Louboutins: mirror satin, signature red sole, uber-glam, and absolutely art deco all the way. Like wearing the Chrysler building on your feet. I've done some digging, and it looks like these (the "Very Galaxy" platform [...]

Peacock Plume Bouquet

If you've been ever been in a costume store, or seen someone dressed at a party as a "flapper", you know that the modern perception of "flapper style" often includes two things: pearls and feathers.  In fact, both were indeed popular accents/accessories in the 20s and would go well in any vintage themed wedding or [...]

Art Deco Cigarette Case - Gold

Cigarette cases, like cigarette holders, smoking jackets, and hat boxes, are a fabulously stylish vintage accessory sadly on their way to extinction. Now, far be it from me to encourage , condone or suggest that smoking looks in any way cool or stylish (although, even as a life-long non-smoker... personally I think it kind of [...]

Art Deco Bag by Judith Leiber

I have very few regrets about my wedding day, but one eensy tiny teensy one did pop up after we got all the photos and the video and we were oohing and ahhing over everything and then I looked some more and... umm.. oh. Hey, so... why didn't anyone tell me my hair looked like [...]

Art Nouveau Bridal Hair

How gorgeous are these art deco headbands, vintage style hairpieces and accessories from designer Johanna Johnson? I love how they're unmistakably vintage-inspired, but there's nothing fussy about them. They'd pair so beautifully with 1920s style gowns, of course, but I'm hard-pressed to think of a bridal look they wouldn't complement. Welcome to LovelyTown. (click the [...]

Art Deco Bride and Groom

What an incredible vintage themed wedding, sent to us from photographer Marzena Wasilewska. Ebony & Andrew's 1920s style wedding is an amazing, inspirational example of what commitment, creativity and craftiness can bring to a wedding. They created a lot of the details themselves and these are obviously two very talented (and genetically blessed!) people. Their [...]