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Emerald Cut Diamond Ring w/Emerald Halo

You know when you see a piece of jewelry, and you love it, and you want it, and you discover it costs more than you would spend on almost anything, including a car or major surgery and there is a mix of satisfaction (“I have good taste! I know a good thing when I see it!”) and absolute, sickening horror (“THIS WILL NEVER BE MINE.”)

Art Deco Emerald Halo Ring

Yeah. It’s difficult. Or… maybe that’s just me? Anyway, I want this 3 carat diamond ring from Lang Antiques, I will never have it, it is very expensive, and I have made my peace with it. Sort of. But look how lovely! I hope some wealthy person somewhere gives this unbelievable art deco emerald cut diamond ring (with an emerald halo! Double emerald whoaaa!) a good home.

Art Deco Emerald Engagement Ring

Art Deco Emerald Cut Ring with Emerald Halo

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