Zombie Flapper Makeup Tutorial

A quick post today, just 10 days before Halloween, to rave about this incredible zombie flapper makeup tutorial I found on YouTube.  It doesn’t start out zombie-y. It starts out oh-so-lovely-y:

Flapper Makeup Tutorial

But then…if you are not a fan of the scary and the gory and the maybe-some-fake-blood-would-be-awesome kinda Halloween fun, seriously: avert your eyes now. But everyone else: Jordan Hanz is a genius, please let us all bow down to these skills:

Halloween Flapper Makeup Tutorial

YUP. And please note: those pearls are PAINTED ON. That is makeup. 2D. Incredible! If you’re the squeamish sort or interested in a “pretty” look for Halloween,  the first half of this tutorial is a great straight-up flapper makeup tutorial. If you want to get into the gore, stick around and go to town ladies! Continue reading »

Vintage Tourmaline Jewelry || October Birthstone

It’s time once again for our monthly excuse to explore some gorgeous art deco gems: today? We’ve got vintage tourmaline jewelry to admire! Opal is also an October birthstone, and we’ll feature some beauties in the future, but lucky October-ites also get to claim the many-hued tourmaline and that’s our focus today. Let’s start off with a bang, eh?

Purple Tourmaline Art Deco Ring

Purple Tourmaline art deco ring via Lang Antiques

Now that’s a stunner, to be sure! Two gorgeous lavender tourmalines, with a delicate diamond accent at the band. From Lang Antiques, circa 1930.

Here’s another beauty, a mint green tourmaline, set in rose gold with a diamond halo, from GoldAdore. Breathtaking.

Vintage Rose Gold Tourmaline Ring

Rose gold tourmaline ring via Etsy

Another gorgeous green find, this elegant diamond and tourmaline bracelet by Cartier…

Art Deco Tourmaline Bracelet

Art Deco tourmaline bracelet via Fortuna Auction

And then this perfect art deco tourmaline ring from Lang Antiques…. Continue reading »

1920s Halloween Costumes

Roaring 20s Halloween

Hello all! It’s that very special time of year, the time when the leaves start to turn, the pumpkin starts to spice, and grownups get to start planning a night to dress up and play make-believe…

….yes it’s October, which means it’s Halloween season! Huzzah!


If you’re looking for 1920s Halloween costumes, boy oh boy have you come to the right place. The styles of the 1920s are our passion year-round, and we’ve gathered some of our favorites for you to peruse below.

Vintage-inspired retailer Modcloth is a great place to start for beautiful, high-quality flapper dresses you can party in on Halloween, and wear again for special occasions through out the year. Just take a look at these lovelies…

1920s Halloween Costumes

1920s Halloween Costumes from Modcloth

Another favorite shop of ours is Unique Vintage. They’ve also got a lot of stunning, hand-beaded and high-quality flapper dresses, as well as 1920s accessories and some more costume-y options.

Flapper Halloween Costumes

Flapper Halloween Costumes from Unique Vintage

Continue reading »