Flapper Fashion || Deco Decadence

We are big, big fans of Unique Vintage here at Deco Weddings: looking for flapper fashion? They’ve got it in spades….

Flapper Fashion

That’s an image from their new “Deco Decadence” (two of our favorite words!) flapper fashion look book. Did I mention we love them? We do. They’re stellar site sponsors, yes, but they’re also my (personal) go-to shop for high-quality repro vintage dresses, and have been for years, long before I started this site.

Flapper Hat

I found them initially looking for 50s style circle-skirt type dresses and I’m beyond delighted that they’ve slowly expanded their 20s inspired section over the years.

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Sapphire Art Deco Rings

Well today we’re talking sapphire art deco rings, and honestly I could post pics of these all day. It’s been a while since we did a jewelry post, especially a “I will never have that….but I need to have that…but I can never have that… but I NEED THAT NOW” kinda jewelry post, so we’re here to fix that. Let’s get all covet-y and green with envy over whomever owns these gorgeous blue stones.

First up, this gem of a gem, and good GOD do I love this ring. It kinda made me feel almost sick to my stomach when I saw it at first? I loved it so much? That actually happened.

Sapphire Art Deco Rings

I’m a sucker for that simple rectangular cut, and I flat out adore this masculine ring, via Lang Antiques. Deep, gorgeous midnight blue sapphire, 2.50 carats and highlighted on each side with twinkling diamond ‘V’ shape shoulders with calibre sapphire triangle motifs and bottom accents.

Sapphire Deco Rings

Next is an unusual piece,

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